Jul 7, 2020


My Jersey Boy comes home tomorrow, and as much as I am excited to see him again, I am a bit miffed that the last couple of weeks were not exactly fulfilling in the Getting Things Done department.

My menu plan and grocery shopping went ka-blooey the minute my grocery store was unable to provide me with salad bags.

I ordered a cheeseburger instead.

Then, my good intentions of making a big fruit salad went awry when I realized that my fridge decided to freeze everything in the fruit drawer.

So I had a burrito.

But the biggest fail of them all was the long list of projects that I set out to accomplish in each room. You know, things like re-organizing the cube room studio and cleaning and re-painting the walls.


Instead, I got a vicious bloody migraine on Sunday night that lasted until this morning. I didn't make it out of bed yesterday, which means I missed dialysis, which means I blew another thing on my to do list, which was to make it to every treatment with a smile and cheery disposition.


The pool has been occupied by enough people to fill it up, it is hot, humid, and steamy out there in Hoosierville, and I am out of Game of Thrones episodes to binge, since I finished re-watching the series on Friday while eating my cheeseburger (see above).

Damn, drat, and phooey.

On the positive side, I did manage to keep my nails Pepto pink, I changed and washed all of the bedding, and I started the patriotic canvaswork piece and am having a lot of fun with it. The plants outside didn't blow away during Saturday's storm, the freezer is empty enough to hold all of the Atlantic City Italian bread Rich will bring with, and I discovered enough Tylenol in the pill basket to last us through the apocalypse.

So I guess not all bad....just...unexpected.

Happy Tuesday, Dearies! I hope your corner of the world is safe and happy today. What's blowing your skirt up?


  1. It was not to be, dear one, so let it go and rejoice that you
    did your stitching, that JB support is on the way and things will fall back into place. The real miss was dialysis and you just were not up to it...so be it. Tomorrow is another day. I re-watched Gone With the Wind and no matter what they
    say, it still holds classic status and I am grateful to have
    my copy. Fiddle DD….

  2. I have decided that part of being a success is the ability to roll with the punches--to adapt to what is going on at the moment. It sounds like that's just what you did. Some days frozen fruit just needs to turn into a burrito! Hugs from Tucson where, on Sunday, it will be 113-115 degrees warm.

  3. Dear Coni. you know the saying,man (or woman) plans. God laughs.
    Hang in there love. Tomorrow is another day.

  4. I have those days with the planning. It doesn't work because other things get thrown into the equation. The scientists ought to study it! But as long as you didn't wear yourself out. Is it 2 weeks already?!! Hope the migraine has gone away for some time.
    Here, no skirt as it is trousers weather or be like a soggy Marilyn Monroe! Rain and wind . . . again. Pffft! Here's hoping you catch up on the d-chair soon. xxx

  5. Coni, sorry about the migraine and the bagged salads. Hope chair time goes smoothly for you today!

  6. Sorry to hear about your migraine. They are not a nice thing to deal with. Hope you don't get another for a long while.

  7. Bless your heart. You did survive and get Some Things Done, and your buddy is returning. Rejoice! Put one set of toes in front of another and keep going. I have a little note on my kitchen cabinet: "Dear Petunia -- Life IS interruptions. You're one. Suck it up. Love, God." It doesn't make me feel better every time, but dang it, it's true.