Jul 3, 2020


On Wednesday when I was looking at the Facebook, I came across a post from an assisted living facility in North Carolina that was looking for pen pals for its residents.

(I had decided that I was going to give up looking at the Facebook because all I want to see is pretty stitching and happy things, but it seems like it's full of mean girls and curmudgeons lately.)

Anywhoose...the residents were pictured with big signs that indicated their likes/interests, and another big sign that said "Will you be my pen pal?"

I promised myself that I would do this, since sending and receiving mail and sharing the stories of our lives seems like a lovely thing to do.

Last night as I tossed and turned, I listened to the BBC on the radio,and guess what?

The director of the assisted living facility company was interviewed, and she reported that over 15,000 letters and cards and packages have been received from this posting, and that volunteers were busy sorting and preparing them for all of the residents in her system...a total of 900 people!

And! In a very interesting side note....NOT ONE of the residents in her system has tested positive for the coronavirus!

Maybe love really can cure this thing after all!


  1. What a great idea! Who doesn't like to receive good mail? Love and kindness!

  2. Thanks for posting such a great/happy thing. When I read this I hsd,just finished with my morning glance of FB. So much anger and finger pointing! Your post was a breatb of fresh air.

    Thanks, Coni

  3. LOVED reading this, Coni! Thanks for the bright spot of love among all the issues we're facing today. I needed this! I'm going to look here in my hometown and see if there's the same type of pen-pal fun closer to home.

    1. ...and the synchronicity of READING about it on FB and then LISTENING to it on NPR is just the universe telling you it was meant to be.

  4. These are the stories I love to hear. Spread love!

  5. Now that is a lovely post indeed. Go for it - you write so nicely that I'm sure someone would love to have you as a pen pal. Pen and paper letters are a thing of the past, which is sad really. It was exciting to get a letters in the post.

  6. I found the same post and did write to several of the folks, and like Christmas, there is a santa, and love does endure despi
    te all of the ick we find ourselves surrounded with. All you have to do is look......

  7. I posted on Facebook a month or 2 ago, looking for penpals for my 10 year old. I have friends with children of a similar age, so I thought it would be a fun way for kids to connect.
    My kiddo got one letter. And it was from one of my mother's friends - so essentially a grandmother figure. I was a bit sad, because I really wanted her to have peer to write to...but at the same time, she has written some of the most adorable letters to Barb, and Barb always writes back. It makes me smile.