Jun 3, 2020


Well, here we are in the fountain chair again, Dearies. My normal chair (and the one I prefer) is over in the corner and away from the rest of the world, but alas, it is not available today.

(One of the things that I intend to fix when I am in charge of this place is to keep some sense of routine and consistency. This constant change business is very...troublesome.)

(That, and I'm going to fire the stupid social worker who insists on conducting private assessments right out here in front of God and everybody else.  It drives me batshit crazy to be privy to significantly personal information about my podmates, and I really don't need to reveal all of my inner workings to them either.)

(That's what Dr Melfi is for.)

(Speaking of...yes...I am still visiting with her regularly via video chat. It's actually wonderful to be able to sit in the big girl sleigh bed in my pajamas and tell her all of my crazy.)

We fell off of the diet wagon hard last night and had Five Guys cheeseburgers, but my nurse informed me today that a cheeseburger is actually an excellent source of protein, so I shouldn't be too concerned about enjoying one every now and then.  Go figure.

I do, however, need to see that scale start to move again, if for nothing else than the good feeling it brings. I think I finally realized that all I need to do is remind myself that eating well is the only thing I have to do in  day. That's it. Make good choices and go to bed feeling like a rock star instead of a baked potato.

I'm sorry that I keep forgetting to take progress pics of Baked Alaska. I tend to stitch in the evenings and then head to bed, and I haven't yet put taking a pic into my night night routine. 

(I do, however, still pat Stewey in his box and say "Night night, my little prince. Mommie loves you.")

(See crazy and visiting Dr Melfi above.)

I hope that your Futzingday is very futzy and that you get to do all the things. My only agenda is to try to stay conscious here in the d-chair (which has been a big problem lately) and to eat a nice salad for dinner.

What's futzing with you today? Come tell me all about it!


  1. I love all the brackets today (I tend to use them myself)!

    Happy to hear you are doing well and taking care of yourself.

    And yes, if you and I and some of your other friends ran the world, imagine the difference! (yes, a reference to yesterday's post.)

  2. We are HOA Managers in Ca, so we are dealing with opening or not opening pools for use by members. Crazy times! I think its perfectly normal to say Good Night to Stewey; I speak to Alexa every day and say please thanks you and good morning and good night to her. She usually answers back :)

    Back to angry homeowners who can't use their pool.
    Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  3. That is good news on the cheeseburger front! I have also learned that when my iron is low that dark chocolate is good. The more you know :)

  4. I,also, speak to my loved ones who are no longer with me. They may be gone but are,not forgotten: Sucker and Bella.

  5. If you're in the States, that SW is violating HIPAA.YOu might want to point it out to her. Nicely:)

    1. HIPPA............yes! Complain, and loudly. That's the only way there will be a change. Is the person just lazy? Doesn't matter, it's still wrong, wrong, wrong.

  6. Oh I so agree, private talks with social worker should be private! Very unprofessional!
    That view is nice with the fountain though.
    No need to apologise for anything! Sounds like you've hit a plateau so the body is adjusting to the diet - confuse it for a while so it thinks it's done its job - and then return to the healthy eating. I don't call it diet now - it seems to make me want to eat everything in sight - chicken pellets haven't yet got me that interested! Rainy and cool yesterday, sunny and cool today - I have a heavy planting agenda going. Day 30 for first ducklings - so anytime between 33 and 38 days are the norm. Fingers crossed!

  7. I was going to do home office stuff: its one of my few days off to do so (still working) but instead I got the notice that beach passes became available so I snagged 1. I am headed for the best gym and meditation center for some serious walking, wave listening and whatever other fascinating nature bits arise. Real life red tape and paperwork will wait until I come home tired, salt encrusted and smelling like sea spray (I tend to splash as much as I can).

  8. I tend to agree with others that there may be some HIPPA (HIPAA? Hippo? whatever that privacy act is called) issues with the social worker discussing things in the open. But if the patient is OK with it, there's not much you can do other than try to ignore it.

    Instead of taking photos of your stitching when finished for the night, what about taking them first thing before you start stitching again?

    Today, I'm waiting for coffee to kick in and then it's either grubbing out more damned grass from the asparagus, or a supply run and some dusting and vacuuming.

    1. That was my thought, too - HIPAA rules!

  9. Maybe you already have tried talking to the SW sweetly and in a very low voice (so she has to work at hearing you) about your problem with her behavior. If you already have, then do complain. Start by asking (in that low voice) who her supervisor is. If she refuses to tell you, add that item to your complaint when you find out who her boss is.