Jun 15, 2020


My experiment worked, Dearies!

Last Friday morning, my tiny little brain was positively screaming at me to just stop. Stop the noise. Stop the manic flitting from site to site. Stop the stupid need to blather on every six minutes about me me me me me me.

By Saturday morning, I found myself sitting on the balcony with a book, the paper, and my damn good, and I actually felt...quiet. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the big fat white puffy clouds were doing their thing in a gorgeous blue sky and I drank in every bit of it.

Yesterday was much the same, but I observed and rested from the big girl sleigh bed instead. Again...quiet. And peaceful. And exactly what I needed, apparently, because today dawned bright and early and I was ready for it.

I did stitch a fair bit, but alas, forgot to snap any photos. Suffice it to say that Baked Alaska is nearing the half-way mark and once she does, I will swap her for something else.

My Jersey Boy will travel back to New Jersey next week, so I am already contemplating my projects to keep me busy and out of trouble. I really want to concentrate on the cube room studio and clear/purge it of all of the stuff I'm not actively playing with.

Then...if I have any energy left at all, I'm going to attempt to start the garage. It's packed full of everything from Chez Spinster, and it is time for me to pull up my emotional big girl britches and let it all go. It's been three years now. Time to send the stuff where it can be loved and used.

So that's the report for a lovely Monday.  I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week ahead is full of fun! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I'm glad you had a peaceful weekend. Sometimes all this social media is just too much. Have a wonderful week.

  2. After reading your timeout post on Friday I intentionally started shutting down my social media/internet earlier at night this weekend. Instead I read my gentle reads (Miss Read, DE Stevenson etc). I slept much better. I think I'm going to keep doing it.

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. Be careful, though, of that garage. Getting rid of stuff can be very emotional, and I don't want it to send you for a tailspin again. Go slowly, and stop whenever it gets to overwhelming. You didn't collect all of that stuff in a day, so don't try to get rid of it all too quickly. This advice comes from my personal experience with letting go of past dreams in the form of objects! Continue to take care of yourself!

  4. I just went through my house and divested of about 1/2 of it., JUST DO IT! I can't guarantee you'll feel better although I hope that for you, but the big fat mess in the garage will definitely make you feel freeeeeee! Ruth in Oxnard

  5. I dropped a van load off at the thrift store this morning. Felt good. But I will admit that I donate to one I don't shop at because if I see my things for sale I am tempted to buy them back. I definitely have some issues I need to work on there. Oh well :) Glad you enjoyed your weekend! I need to sit outside with a good book more often.

  6. So glad you unplugged, sounds just like what you needed. Please do it as often (maybe every week) as needed. I just helped my sister clean out all of her cross stitch stitch. Oh My Goodness! I took it all away in 4 large loads, Explorer filled top to bottom. Shepherds Bush, Drawn Thread, Just Nan, Lavendar Wings, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, etc etc - Happen to need any? I could open a store. We had just downsized and I finally had my sewing/craft room in order And now??? Much was tossed, more was donated, and I still don't know what to do. I am blessed for sure!!

  7. You took the right path this past weekend, Connie dear. taking a rest from the workings of the world usually allows
    for peace and restoration. Tricia said it well, the garage
    and its contents should be a gradual and intentional process
    to allow for certitude and willing disposal. You can do it,
    Lady Marvel...

  8. I'm so happy you had a much better weekend. As for the garage, just do it stages so that it isn't so emotional or daunting.

    Here, was going to the post office as I'd made some scrubs caps and face masks for a friend as per request, We are a small group of crazy chicken peeps, so all with access to fabric stashes chipped in. I don't make clothes so this was a real learning curve. Add OCD into that and nothing went out that I wasn't happy with. Needless to say frogging was done in the initial stages!
    Then my pickup died. Battery flat. Called the Mr Fixit and he could only charge it a bit and so he arranged to collect a battery in the nearest town. I had to lead the way cross country and once there I popped in to pay for the new battery and when I came out, Geronimo (it's a Warrior) was fixed. And then I came home with the old battery plus another one that he nabbed from the shop (past car life and destined for the battery graveyard) because the charge is good enough for electric fencing - he was a very nice man. So my first outing since March lockdown. I managed to get my things posted on the way home too.
    Other than that pretty uneventful and a lot of planting done in the veg patch. Ducklings had their first introduction to water and poor mummy hen - she was quite bewildered and tried to dunk her head - resulted in a huge shake and then she just drank from the little pool. We then added a pie dish which was bigger, but not as deep. They preferred the deeper little tray.
    So stressy but fun too. Awaiting thunderstorms and watching the radar like a hawk today!
    Welcome back and fingers crossed the week ahead will be a positive one. xxx

  9. Glad your weekend was a good one! I think being unplugged does much to restore and help with the self-care we all need.