Feb 13, 2020


Buzzy and I have just returned from the Access Center. He had his six-month maintenance roto-rooter procedure, and I had a turkey sandwich and juice box as a reward for being a trooper. He is OK, but was 80% blocked in two places up near and under my collarbone, and his little stent is looking pretty ragged. Dr. B was able to fix it up and send me home with instructions to rest and ice my arm as needed and take Tylenol for pain.

As for what else ails me...it is all mental, Dearies, and will soon be better when I sit down with pen and paper and have a good sort out. I've allowed life to get in the way of my normally clear-headed and optimistic thinking, so I just need to turn the wheel a bit and get back into my lane.

All will be well, I promise. Every now and then I just need to go quiet to re-focus my energies in a better direction.

I finished The Starless Sea last night and have to say to I was enchanted. The reviews for this book were positively terrible, but I loved it from beginning to end because it took me away from myself and reminded me why I love reading. Erin Morgenstern is, in my humble opinion, a gorgeous writer, and The Night Circus remains one of my favorite books, and her second did not disappoint me at all.

Coloring has been my activity of choice, and I started another Angie Grace book with impunity. Instead of getting upset that I'm not stitching, I'm enjoying playing with paper and pens and markers and colors, and I know that when I do get back to needle and thread I will be all the more appreciative of it.

The anesthesia is making me woozy, Friends, so I think it's time to find my pillow. Happy Thursday! Please come tell me all about your corner of the world!


  1. Rest up, Coni, and let Buzzy settle down. There is no such thing as 'all mental' - your brain is part of your body, and if your body is below par then your mental function will be as well. I do hope that the only physical problem was that Buzzy needed his 6-month service - enjoy your colouring; the stitching is not a race so you don't need to worry about progress.

  2. Take all the time you need for yourself. I love books to take me away from it all and coloring is great too. I had several months before the end of the year where all I did was stitch - then it was over. I tried to pick it up again a few weeks ago, but it wasn't enjoyable so I put it down. Just finished a punch needle project and now working on a wool applique table mat. I'm sure the stitching urge will come back at some point for us both. Take care of your arm & rest up.

  3. That Buzzy block might account for the punk of late....
    probably not all mental...After a good night's rest, tomorrow
    will dawn and you may be right back on track again...hope so
    The stitching bug will return, but do now what feels most comfortable and appealing...that is what it is all about.

  4. As they say a little of what you fancy does you good, and if that means colouring - that's quite relaxing in itself. Friday morning here and a gorgeous sunrise after Thursday's rude hail awakening - we are looking forward to "storm" Dennis this weekend. Really! Storms at the weekends and convection storms mid-week! Pass me the colouring pens!
    Hope you do enjoy the weekend and not feeling too muzzybuzzy after effects xxx

  5. Hope you are feeling better today! Can I ask why Buzzy gets blocked?

  6. I'd never heard of The Starless Sea - don't read much fiction as a rule - but when you mentioned it a while ago, I took your word for it, bought a copy and was delighted and hugely impressed. Thank you! When my life stabilises (when, not if!), I'll move on to The Night Circus. So, I do things backwards. So what? Now, you have a good rest and wait until you feel more like your cheery self again. A nice clean Buzzy will help!