Nov 9, 2019


In my 53 years on this planet, I don't think I've ever had a more satisfying ritual. This is the fourth or fifth week in a row that I have had a Saturday morning coffee in the big girl sleigh bed, and I am just delighted that it still continues to make my whole weekend.

The binge watch of Downton started it...married women were served breakfast in bed. And, although, I remain your faithful spinster, once I started it I couldn't stop. I come by this honestly, I suppose, since I always though room service breakfast in bed at a hotel was the very height of luxury.

(What can I say? It doesn't take much to make me happy.)

Today's agenda is modified to include absolutely nothing other than a few errands (library and grocery), a big pot of goulash on the stove, the Notre Dame game (if I can get it on the interwebs), and stitching.  Cleaning and purging and organizing will just have to wait for another day.

Look at me, getting all cocky and rebellious! You would think I was an actual adult in charge of my very own life or something! The truth is that I am just a bit too wiped out from the week to contemplate anything physical, and I want to be lazy and cozy and cozy and lazy until it's time to go to church tomorrow morning.

Speaking of....I'm going to treat myself to the 11:45 mass with the Notre Dame Folk Choir. The time is too late for JB's liking, so we usually hit "smells and bells" at 10, but tomorrow I am going to go sit in that glorious place and listen to that glorious choir. Do yourselves a favor and YouTube them...especially the African Gloria. It's a bit modern and maybe a little "hippy dippy" for some, but one of my favorite memories was of my dad sitting there in the pew on an Easter Sunday and when the drums and such started he kind of cocked his head (as if he disapproved), and then he started tapping his foot. At the end of the service, the congregation jumped up and gave them a standing was that good. I haven't heard them live since, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow!

But first there is a Saturday to be had and I should get on with it. The paper needs to be read, shoes need to be found, and library books need to be returned before provisioning can be completed.

I'll insert my progress pic from last night on Hoity Toity. I am making my was across the bottom row and hope to be filling in the black background soon!
Happy Saturday, Dearies! I hope your world is safe and healthy and happy and that your weekend is full of everything you want it to be! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Wow! That choir might get even me to Mass!

  2. Hoity Toity is looking mighty fine, Coni. I think whatever brings contentment to the start of one's day is a great habit or routine. Hope the provisioning went well! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

  3. Gorgeous Hoity Toity! Enjoy your relaxing days. Plenty of time for poking around with a chore or two. Upstairs tidied and cleaned this morning. Sun is out - can't waste any more time with chores - must make the most of it before it disappears again! I might just wander round with the duckies again - mainly to make sure they don't find my wildlife pond and eat all the newts and dragonfly nymphs - among other things!

    1. Oops - I meant poking around at a later date! xxx

  4. The stitching is lovely with all the colors. You're beautifying the world!

  5. yard work, and more yard work. Its leaf season :(
    I've come to believe that a good day in the garden is my personal religious experience...complete with bird choir!

  6. As someone who grew up Catholic an ocean away, in London, in the 1960s/70s I smiled when I googled the folk choir. We too had our post Vatican II hippy dippy moment and, while I have long since left the church, stuff like this brings back memories not just of comfort but also of the excitement of being part of something that seemed so forward looking. In the last few years we have had a couple of big Corita Kent exhibitions in London and her work, largely unknown in the UK, kind of sums up those times for me. Best wishes, Joan

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend all around!