Oct 17, 2019


Oh, my goodness, Dearies! I am in the Happy Chair with my damn good after a very long and very deep sleep. I had no intention of staying abed that long, but I must have needed the rest.

Yesterday's d-chair time was very out of the norm, but very satisfying. I did not pick up my phone or iPad, and I left the headphones in my bag. I picked up my needle and just let myself be present and stitch and think and listen and gaze outside every now and then. It was somehow very soothing to just let my mind wander and ponder the hours away. Methinks we've discovered a new Wednesday tradition....unplug.

Routines and traditions are truly the stuff from which I'm made, and I've missed having them. Stewey was the best at keeping me in routine -- first his little face wash in the morning, then snoozy time in the sun, then a few games of pumpkin or Doozie ball, then tea and biscuits, then snoozy time in front of the fireplace, then bed. Having set times to do things was reassuring and kept me from going off the rails, and I make no apology for being simple-minded enough that I need that. I seem to have made a good start with my Downton Saturday mornings in bed with a tray and my Sunday Mass at Notre Dame, so I guess I'm thrilled to add an Unplug Wednesday to the mix.

How about you, Dearie? Do you have routines or traditions that make your life wonderful?

Nevermore is coming along. I'm not even sure if I like it, to be honest, but the stitching of it is doing its thing, and I'm sure once it's finished and framed I'll love it on my Fall wall.
That's it for me today. My only agenda is to see Dr. Melfi at 1:00 and then come home and do some laundry and tidying. JB has asked for pork cutlets and broccoli rabe for his dinner, so pork cutlets and broccoli rabe it will be! (I'm not a fan, so I will happily munch my big head salad while we watch something sporty on the TeeVee.)

I hope your Thursday is swell! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. I like to focus on the rhythm of my days, of the flow of tasks (and stitching time!). When the rhythm is right, I get a lot accomplished without ever feeling rushed or exhausted. I get the rhythm right just often enough to keep me pursuing the ideal! But I fail so completely often enough that I keep us all in laughter!

  2. I have a routine which I like to follow and it helps to keep me grounded and focussed. I certainly wouldn’t achieve as much without it.

  3. I like to ideally temper myself to God's metronome, a pace
    that allows for uninterrupted sequence and accomplishment without a sense of urgency. When the world out there allows it, it can be so rewarding.

  4. My Thursday was lovely -- I learned/re-learned lazy daisies, chains, French knots and other embroidery stitches, then learned to weave. Two workshops at the CreativFestival in Toronto. Not a routine Thursday!

  5. Coni, Nevermore is looking super! I like a good routine and after being gone for the weekend, it is good to get back into it. Thinking of you!

  6. I too am stitching a project that I am not sure I really like it but I am sure I will appreciate it once it is finished. I work best with a routine also but I love not having one but I get all out of sorts without one. Whats a girl to do? :)