Oct 22, 2019


My sister spoiled me with a package of needleminders today:

This prompted me to hunt/gather my entire collection and re-organize them a bit:

And then, because I was feeling extra sassy, I assembled a new project bag with a Halloween wip:

It was a more productive day than I would have predicted this morning. I managed to do laundry, clean up the kitchen and dining room, organize some paperwork, and do my nails! Not bad for a lazy Tuesday!

Now, though, I really do need to stitch. It's been DAYS since needle has met fabric and that just doesn't work very well for Yours Truly!

Night night, Dearies!


  1. Have it your way...….don't listen to the Mothers in the club...

  2. It sounds like a good day, Coni! What lovely new needle minders to add to your collection!

  3. Wonderful collection of needleminders! The Halloween stitch looks intriguing.

  4. Lovely collection. I do love those little Starbucks cups at the bottom! Still no sewing here - but my husband had a go at the stop motion wheel of my latest vintage machine - grabbed a silicone bottle/jar opener and off it came! One teeny little bit of old oil had worked it's way into the threads and now I can finish cleaning it and set it up in the treadle! Whoohoo!

  5. Love the needleminders from your sister!