Aug 30, 2019


I stayed up a little later than normal stitching, but I was determined. At least now the poor girl has a head!

I switched out the called-for DMC919, which I thought looked a little bit orange on my fabric. I really wanted a nice vibrant red to compliment that gorgeous blue!

Now we need to do something about her coat/cloak of invisibility! Oh! And she needs a proper magic handbag.


If you're in the path of anything this weekend, I wish you safety. If you're not and celebrating a long holiday weekend, I hope it's divine! And if this is just another Friday...Happy Friday!


  1. I love your choice of red! It's perfect with her dress! Happy week-end to you, too.

  2. Which red did you end up using, Coni? I like it much better than the called for 919. Hope chair time goes well and you get to have your reward/treat following. Thinking of you!

  3. I'm a relatively new reader to your blog and thought I'd come out of lurkdom to say that your stitching is so lovely! I enjoy seeing your projects and admire your strength as well! You are an inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  4. Love her, love her...(you too) Great change in color for the is a perfect complement to the blue. Hope your chair day goes well and that you have a "spoil Coni" real good weekend poolside in the sun....

  5. Lovely! Great choice on her scarf color :)