Jun 4, 2019


Good morning, Dearies! Here we are on a gloomy Tuesday, and I am as happy as a fat little clam. My hangover has almost lifted, the apartment is quiet and cool, and I have a completely free day ahead of me to do nothing but my Fab Five...read, write, stitch, cook, and sleep.

I seem to be making good progress on Cirque, so I might just continue with it for a bit. I didn't stitch post treatment, but I did get several minutes in while in the d-chair before passing out. When I finally sat upright again, my Flosstube videos were still playing and my needle was neatly tucked into my old lady t-shirt, so I suspect that I had a few wits about me before closing my eyes.

(I wish I could tell you that it's a nice, peaceful rest, but the truth is that it is more like losing consciousness and fighting not to. I get so overwhelmingly exhausted, but my brain fritzes out and goes into panic mode that I'm dying, so I jerk awake and go right into the ugly cry.)

(They really should make better pills for this.)

Anywhoose...back to the day.

As you can see from the craptastic photo, I am OBSESSED with 11x11 qsnaps, grime guards, matching project bags, and BitzyBobs. In my fantasy world, every project would have its own set of matching accessories, and these, of course, would change seasonally.

I'll get there....I'm sure. Last week I made my very first grime guard, and although it's not exactly perfect or picture-worthy, there is hope for me yet. And thanks to my sister's prowess with the sewing machine, Miss Vonna's excellent tutelage, and some lovely gifts, I do have a very nice collection of bags started. (The set in the photo above, though, is from the Etsy.)

So I'm off like a herd of turtles to see what adventures await! I hope your very own Tuesday is wonderfully and perfectly swell and that you'll get to do whatever your heart desires. Do something fun and come tell me all about it! WoooooHooooo!


  1. Glad you have on your "happy"face. Medical science is great as I know first hand there is room for improvement.
    Although I am primarily a needlepointer, do enjoy seeing your wips. Even though I flunked out on my one and only try I may try again. The designs are great. Enjoy your day. I am thinking of you and hope for better sessions.

  2. Great that you can fit your fab five into one day....I often
    turn around and face myself... About the passing out, I have
    heard from so many that they "nod off" while at the computer,
    watching TV or reading without letting it happen??? So not to
    panic...you are destined to put up with us for a long time to
    come. Just wish your D-chair experiences could be restful and
    afford you the time to indulge in your interests. You are such an inspiration....Onward...

  3. Coni, your grime guard looks great. I was going to ask if that was an 11 x 11 q-snap. We have run errands and I am going to answer a few emails before picking up my stitching. Cirque is looking fabulous. Enjoy your day!

  4. Sorry you had a scary moment. On the brighter side if your brain is talking to you - that's a good sign! Loving that Cirque and what a great idea having a grime guard - although don't feel bad about your own effort as I'm sure people would love to see it whether photo-worthy or not, because it is home made and none of us are perfect - it would give people an idea how to try themselves.
    Here, tidying up the sewing room. Floor is clean, things are being sorted and stacked. Then I am trying to repair a Singer 66K treadle - the wheel clamp is jammed solid where the grease and oil and whatever else mucky is in there has hardened. But I'll get there in the end. Love wielding the screwdrivers and she's so pretty. I'm calling her Jeanette as she was ... calling meee hee hee hee heeeheeeheeeee! ;)

  5. I'm glad you are doing fun things with your sister.

  6. You are making lovey progress on cirque! It is gorgeous! And my heart breaks to think about what you are going through with your health right now. Hugs!