Jun 25, 2019


I slept in a little, had my damn good and read the paper, ate breakfast, and played in my studio. Four new projects in my stitchy basket for a few weeks of summer stitchy fun:

First up is a little needlepoint canvas by Melissa Shirley. This is a class from Family Needlearts in Phoenix that took place a few weeks ago. I am "ghosting" this and three others remotely:

Summer at Cherry Hill is a good d-chair project because it's a lot of solid color stitching:

With the upcoming holiday, I figured it might be fun to play with Star Spangled Banner from Northern Expressions:

Finally, only a few more beads to go on the lower left corner of Grasshopper Pie, and it will be officially finished,:

That's the report for the day, Dearies! It's hot and humid here in Hoosierville today, but I might slather on the suncreen and go splosh around in the swimming pool...I could really use the exercise and floaty therapy! I hope you are having your very own wonderful Tuesday! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Lovely projects you have picked for a few weeks, Coni! What is the red thread you are using for Star Spangled Banner? Have fun sploshing and floating. Hot and humid here so I am staying in.

  2. It's Dinky Dyes Hearthrob, dear Robin!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your splooshing session in the pool and feel well chilled. Very humid here so wish I had a pool to dive into! Lots of stitching goodness to come :D

  4. love cherry hill--i have that one and need to get star spangled..will be stitching for the next fifty years

  5. Gorgeous projects!! It is very cold and rainy here lately so I am quite jealous of the thoughts of a splosh in a pool. Hope you had fun!

  6. Instead of replacing your happy chair !!!!! Have a rug cleaning service come out and clean your chair !! I have done this before and your chair will freash a daisy !! Cheaper than new chair !!!! Hope this helps !!