Jun 13, 2019


The day has dawned cold and rainy, and I am snuggled under my magic blanket with my second cup of damn good, my crackpot spinster fireplace, and my stitching:

I don't know how I did it, but I somehow managed to stitch during my entire treatment yesterday! The dialysis gods must have been looking out for me, since I didn't pass out or get sick even once.

(A lovely surprise miracle, to be sure.)

For many, it would seem that I am in a huge stitchy rut with Cirque des Coeurs, but I am happily plodding along to what I hope will be a finish this month. I have reached the uppermost row of hearts and think I have just a few to complete...maybe four or five. I've promised myself that as soon as this one is finished, I might self-frame it using all of the excellent online tutorials from Danielle and Vonna, and then move on to Grasshopper Pie.

After the rigid structure of Maynia, I am rather enjoying the ramble through happy pieces. I might repeat that rotation schedule in August or September with autumnal projects, but for now I seem to be quite content playing with one or two things as the fancy strikes.

I am still completely obsessed with 11x 11 q-snaps with matching grime guards and project bags:

This set came from the Etsy from a shop called: MargaretLeeNeedleArt.

I do have several new summer bags made (thanks to Aunt Chrissy) with enough fabric left over, so I suppose if I get industrious, I could whip up a few more sets.

Speaking of Aunt Chrissy, she and Bosco were here for a visit and I thoroughly enjoyed getting my Aunt Tubby cuddles in. That little guy is still as sweet and perfect as ever, and seeing him for a few days was exactly what my poor tender heart needed. He gets me...always has. I still miss my Stewey fiercely, but a sloppy kiss every now and then from my puppytot nephew is just the perfect antidote!

Well, Dearies, I suppose that's enough of a blather for today. I hope you are enjoying a happy, healthy, stitchy Thursday wherever you are and that your heart is content. Thank you for your well wishes, prayers, and happy thoughts. As always, they are so appreciated that I sometimes think I will simply burst from gratitude!

Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good session yesterday! It is cool and cloudy here today but I am meeting a friend for lunch in a great Mexican restaurant! I'm hoping for a few left overs. And I might even get some stitching done.

  2. Oh Coni! You are such a charming, dear fellow stitcher, I wish you all the best!

  3. Answered prayers that the D session went well...wonder what
    the magic formula was? Nonetheless, may they continue with ease...Just love watching Cirque grow to reach the final
    stretch...so beautiful.

  4. Wonderful news! Superb progress. Happy puppynephewdays. Here is wet and rainy (still - great summer we are having - NOT!) so can't go outside so it's get the treadle out time and stash busting with scrappy trips around the world. Even husband can sleep through my clanking progress! Enjoy your cosy sewing Coni!

  5. Oh Coni, your heart piece is looking fabulous. I say you should work on whatever brings you happiness and contentment. Glad you had a nice visit with your sister and Bosco. Thinking of you!

  6. So happy to hear you had some Bosco snuggles! Cirque Des Coeurs is absolutely beautiful!! And yay for a quiet D session! Hope as many more as you have to have are just as boring :)

  7. Thursday evening I was on a plane winging east to VA for a grandson graduation! Fun was had by all last night at the ceremony and today, the food and fun. Cirque looks better every time you show it!

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