Jun 30, 2019


28ct linen from Picture This Plus
Threads from Dinky Dyes or Colour & Cotton
A really good chart
11 inch q-snaps
A grime guard and matching project bag
A Bitzy Bob
Gingher scissors
A retractable sharpie
Piecemakers needles in size 24 or 26
A chip clip
A really great needleminder
Jeffrey Dean Morgan making waffles in the kitchen

Here's yesterday's progress on Plum Pudding:

And, after all this time, guess what I figured out!?:
Sure beats losing the darn thing in the Happy Chair (or my booosum!).

Happy Sunday, Dearies! I hope you are having a little bit of your very own Nirvanna today! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Hi Coni, I love the stitching that you've done so far! You're really into those designs, and it'll be gorgeous when it's finished. Glad to see that you've found a useful penholder, too! Enjoy the rest of Sunday! Love Hazel x

  2. Awesome! To the stitching and highlighter holder!

  3. Super! Please send Jeff over when you finish with him - I fancy pancakes. Here 2 old fogeys sat in the sun with our drinks and ice creams while watching the farmers working hard in the fields and baling hay!
    Your stitching is terrific - and now I know what to do with the clip boards with a bulldog clip! I've been using that to mark out the veg plot planner - who knew about that tip? Cheers Coni at least it won't fall off into the grass now!

  4. Love the progress, such pretty colors.

  5. That idea is genius!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  6. I store my highlighter in my booosum also. I had to stop buying the push tops ones because all my bras had neon yellow on the inside. Ha!