Jun 21, 2019


I'm feeling a bit punk, so decided to distract myself with a quick visit with my Dearies. This morning it was a bit of a mad dash to find something to tuck into my bag, but I'm happy with the choice, because I somehow managed to stitch all of those fill-in stitches on the dress. If my Starbucks kicks in when I get home, I might be able to complete the entire woman.

Yes, I am still treating myself even though I missed Wednesday, because my absence was doctor-induced and not me playing hookie.

Damn doctor. Four hours of waiting, an invasive and painful exam, and ten minutes of mumbling before he exited with nary a question answered. I will return to my original ophthalmologist and let HER tell me the results of the exam and next steps.

So phooey on him.

My hands and feet are sporting their summer fun, so I suppose I should follow suit and get in that darn swimming pool! I have yet to do so this year, and I just know that's the cause of my recent attitude problem. A little sun and some sploshing about with fix whatever ails me, I just know it.

So that's it for now. Another few minutes and I can unhook, bandage up, and go home.

What's on your agenda for the day?


  1. The pool water will surely help. You my dear are my hero. I think of you often and pray that your days will get easier. Love the nails and the stitching and of course you.

  2. Oh the pool sounds heavenly....go for it :)

  3. Really a lovely piece/project. Love the leaves. Enjoy. This one seems to have a happy feeling.

  4. Coni, glad you were able to get in a bit of stitching while in the chair! I hope the splosh in the pool goes well. Visiting with some friends from Florida this afternoon after stitch group!

  5. Sweet project to work on. Some doctors nowadays are all about the money and not about vocation - bedside manner does go a long way to help the patients recoveries! But cool nail colour - enjoy your splash in the pool. Yesterday summer actually did arrive here so it was out doing as many garden chores as possible! Today is earmarked for the same thing - before the heat arrives next week (probably for a few days before bleh weather again) as we have an old neighbour coming to stay for a few days followed by the Canadian cousin invasion! Fun days ahead regardless of the weather!

  6. Her dress is lovely! Looks like it is all downhill now. You will have another finish in no time! Hope you made it to the pool :)