Apr 25, 2019


This is the sum total of what I've done today....I painted my toes myself and then had Miss Karen work her magic on my fingers:

Now...on to some stitching!

Well, here we are, Dearies. Another Thursday has dawned bright and early and I am doing my level best to get my wits about me with a nice hot cup of damn good. Mornings after treatment are quite...ugh...but the hangover lifts within an hour or two and I should be right as rain once again.

I have hopes of getting myself into the cube room studio today to putz and futz about in my stash, but I'm going to let the day take me where it wants to. I have a sneaky feeling that Maynia should be joyful and fun, and that I should resist the temptation to over-think the bliss right out if it, so we'll see what happens.

Wait a minute.

Who the heck is this DevilMayCare laid back Spinster, and what has she done with the neurotic crazypants lunatic who used to live here?!

The truth is, I'm tired.

And by tired, I mean physically, mentally, and emotionally worn out from fighting and fretting and worrying and planning and holding on to stuff so tight I squeeze the breath out of it. I feel like I have about three brain cells left in my tiny little brain, and I want to use them poking a needle through linen...and nothing else.

Maybe it's the miracle of industrial grade pharmaceuticals, or maybe it's age...I don't know. But I'm so damn tired of listening to myself kvetch and worry about crap that I think it's time to change the channel.

Speaking of...

I really wish I could adequately express how much I enjoy watching Flosstube, and how utterly grateful I am to the lovely stitchers who do the hard work of making videos. I am in perpetual awe of anybody who has the ability to put themselves out there and do it so well, and the hours and hours of peace they give me is totally priceless. If you haven't tried it yet, go to YouTube and search for Flosstube.

Absolutely fandamntabulous, if you ask me.

So I think that's about it from the friendly confines of CS2 today. I hope your Thursday is swell and that you get to have the exact day you want to! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I think you have just had an epiphany!!! Congrats.

  2. Ah Coni, have a beautiful Thursday! Your stitching is looking so good. I'm feeling inspired! x

  3. Have it your way, Sugarplum; orchid nails and all... That piece is beyond stunning....You continue to inspire....

  4. I need to follow your advice to yourself and just let some things go --- just enjoy life rather than trying to organize and plan and on and on and on.... Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us --- gives me hope that perhaps I, too, can change....

  5. GP and your nails are looking good, Coni! Hope you had an enjoyable day!

  6. Awesome stitching! Nails are fab, too!

  7. Oooh very elegant nails! Really pleased you are doing great. :D

  8. Floss tube is all I watch, your stitching is awesome and love that pattern.

  9. I hope you had a blessed day!! All we truly have is today so enjoy it to the fullest and don't worry about tomorrow. Hugs.............