Apr 11, 2019


Well, well, well. I have to say that I am pleased, surprised, and happy that the universe gets along quite well when I am not the boss of everything.

I had my damn good and a smoothie, showered and dressed, and headed out into the windy hinterlands for a Spinster Thursday.

Nails...check. (The color is exactly what I wanted for April...a lovely lavender called "Gummy" from CND Shellac).

Then it was off to the license bureau to renew myself. Ten minutes, and I was in and out...easy peasey.

A final stop at the library to pick up a book that I ordered, and then it was home for a tuna sam, sweats, and now some stitching.  

All in all, a very happy day indeed, and I have not fretted or should-ed on myself once today! I haven't felt poorly about anything at all, except for the fact that I can't head to Bloomington to help Miss Vonna out by serving a funeral luncheon on Saturday. (The poor bubbe is flat on her back and I would do anything to give a little something back to a woman who has given me so much, but I have prayed to St. Gemma...Patron Saint of back and hip injuries...that Miss V will be right as rain once again.)

This pacing myself, feeling calm and gentle and not being overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and anxiety is going to take some getting used to, but I'm going to give it (and my new diet) Ye Olde Spinster Try and see what happens.

Wonder who the Patron Saint for THAT is?

Earlier d-chair time starting tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to check in from there to report all of the goings on. But for tonight, Dearies, I hope you are in your Happy Chairs with something wonderful to occupy your time! Come tell me all about it!


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous day, Coni! GP is looking super and your nail color smashing!

  2. So good to hear your renewed voice.... sounds like a good day... Prayers that tomorrow goes with ease and you maintain
    your "let it go" attitude through the weekend. Nothing like
    benign neglect.

  3. Super! Nails are pretty too! Hope all goes just as well . . . today, really as we are a few hours ahead!

  4. Love the nail colour! And thanks for letting us hide under your magic cape from time to time, you have no idea how you uplift us, even in your darkest moments. I find you a very inspiring human being and am grateful to share this hobby, talent and artwork, whichever you chose to call it with such wonderful, compassionate people.

  5. You could try St Clare, a friend of St. Francis and the first Franciscan nun. She is the Patron Saint of Embroiderers. She is said to have been an excellent embroiderer; she and her Poor Clares made the vestments and liturgical pieces for the Franciscans. She was also often ill. That's why she's also the patron saint of television. She had to miss Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve one year because she was too ill to go and saw the whole thing on the wall of her cell. She'd understand.

  6. Love your nails! And you just sound so much happier :)