Apr 5, 2019



  1. Oh Coni, I am sorry about the frog visit! Hope you are frog-free today!

  2. Oh dear. What can I say, but "Welcome to the human race!" And perhaps my favourite frog story will cheer you up a little: Once upon a time, there were two school teachers. Both were either widowed or divorced, and both were single-parent families. They fell in love. Teaching is not a well-paid profession, and all they could afford by way of a honeymoon was one night in a country hotel on a lake. And the youngest of all their children had to go with them - nothing else worked. So, the four-year-old was in bed and the newly-weds were just settling down together for the very first time when the bedroom door opened to reveal a tiny, very determined child who said "I'm not sleeping in that room - there's a big, fat frog in there. I'm going to sleep with you!" and climbed into bed between them, and stayed there all night. That's frogs for you.

    1. Oh my goodness (she says, while clutching her pearls)!!

  3. Oh no! Cup of damn good required! xx