Mar 7, 2019


Well, Dearies, here we are on another Thursday! Is it just me, or is time flying faster and faster?

Today will be a Dr. Melfi, library, laundry, and stitchy day, for sure. Our weather has been very cold and kinda snowy in these here parts, so despite the sunshine out there it's not quite pool weather yet. I'm happy to stay inside, though, and enjoy the magic blanket and crackpot spinster fireplace a little longer.

I made it to a nice stopping point on Cirque des Coeur last night. 'Scuse the wrinkles, please:

Many of you asked about my scissor fob. It is from my sister's etsy shop...siggyscloset. I think she is expanding her product offering quite nicely, so if you have a chance to check it out, please do so! (I'm not affiliated with her shop, Dearies. Just a happy customer!)

Well, I suppose it's time to get that laundry sploshing. Despite my very best hopes, it has yet to sort, wash, dry, and fold itself without supervision!

Enjoy your day today! Come tell me all about what's making you happy! 


  1. When my kids were young they thought the laundry went from the laundry chute to the washer,LOL! That would have been great!

  2. Laundry----it NEVER ends. The project is looking great!!! Grey here today cold rain in the forecast. I am in serious need of cheering up by so I will check back to see what happy 😊 things are going on with the rest of the stitchy ladies. Hope your day is good and productive. If something great does happen I will share. Glad all of you'all are here.

  3. Oh yes! This week has flown by and I have not even been extra busy. Plus daylight savings this weekend so *poof* another hour gone! Nice progress on your piece Coni!

  4. Your stitching is looking great! It sounds like you had a nice plan for your Thursday - hope you enjoyed the day! I'm looking forward to watching Netflix and doing some stitching this evening!

  5. Coni, Cirque des Coeur is looking fabulous. I hope you got your sploshing accomplished. I actually like doing laundry because you can do other things like read, stitch, write a letter/note/blog post or even a few other chores if you choose. Hope you had a super day!

  6. Ordered a scissors fob today.... Her accessories are so lovely. She asked a question but my reply e-mail was returned. If you talk with her please tell her that the answer is BLUE...
    Thank you.

  7. Such pretty stitching. You are inspiring me to take up my cross stitch again.
    What are your favorite threads to use? Years ago - I only used DMC. I know there are many more now.

  8. Cirque des Coeur is looking so beautiful! Isn't it lovely when at the end of the evening you stop at the perfect spot :)