Mar 16, 2019


Cheerio, Dearies!

Here we are on a Saturday morning once again. The sun is shining, the birds are sweetly tweeting, and I am just finishing my second cup of damn good and getting ready to read the paper.

Don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to stitch through my entire treatment yesterday:

My tech, Miss Lori, knows that stitching is the only thing that keeps the panic at bay, so she waits patiently for me to get YoYo Ma on the headphones and my stitchy project organized and ready to go.

I didn't stitch when I came home last night...just too wiped out to do so, but I will remedy that today. If all goes according to plan, I will complete another good portion of pie:

I've got my green fingernails ready to go for tomorrow, but no plans to do anything crazy beyond that. There is a huge tent in the parking lot at the restaurant across from CS2, and several bands are playing tonight, but as of now I think the Happy Chair will be my destination for the duration.

I hope your weekend is perfectly swell and that you get to do everything your love! Come tell me all about your little corner of the world!


  1. I am envious of your nails. They are "peautiful".

  2. Top 'o the mornin' to ya! (okay, afternoon)

    I am reading the Patrick Taylor novels about an Irish village and its doctors in the 60's -- really enjoying them and would recommend them for an easy read with just enough dialect to put you in Ireland, but not enough to be annoying. Plus recipes at the end of each novel!

    Bless your little Irish heart and every other Irish part -- because we are all Irish for St. Paddy's day!

    Susan Anonymouse

  3. Love how your pie is turning out and gorgeous nails!!

  4. GP is looking good as is the Ink Circles piece. Your nails look lovely, Coni. Enjoy your day!

  5. Well done and getting on with sew much! Pretty nails. I'm staying at my daughter's house for the weekend, then on to quilt retreat. Hubby is in charge back at home.

  6. Love your green nails!! And beautiful progress on both projects!