Mar 25, 2019


I stayed up late last night, and it felt wonderful! This morning, not so much, but it reminded me of the old days when I didn’t pay attention to the clock, so I’m not complaining.

The lower right corner of Grasshopper Pie is coming into view, and with any luck will be completed before I know it! It is still just such a lovely stitch, and I am convinced that 28ct Picture This Plus linen of any color is my jam (as the kids say). I might have to sort through my stash to see what other treasures I can find along those lines.

Looks like we are going to have a pretty Spring day here in Hoosierville, so when my d-chair time is complete I might have to get out and enjoy it somehow. I don’t know if I will be up for a walk, but maybe a sit in the sunshine someplace with a book?

Speaking of which, I am thrilled to report that the branch of the library that is close to my apartment is as excellent as the one on the other side of town! I had gotten out if my library habit and really missed it, but thanks to a whim, I discovered that there is a fabulous new fiction section just a few blocks away! At the moment, I’m reading a book titled “Little”, which is a fictionalized account of Madame Tousaud. It’s very good!

OK, Dearies...I’m off to dialysis. I had hoped to stitch in the chair today, but I am so wiped out from the weeked that I might just watch Flosstube and rest instead. I hope your very own Monday is wonderfully swell and that you get to do everything your heart desires! Come tell me all about it!


Guess who just stitched the outer border during treatment! On to the next!


  1. GP is looking good, Coni! The colors are gorgeous. I think sitting on a bench and reading sounds like a fabulous idea following chair time. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  2. I hope we get a good Spring this year, last year's was very cold and we also had a really cold Fall. I hope to finish a Brenda Gervais Bunny today, with luck. It is always tricky to get the pattern correct with the stitching (Mrs. Bun E. Tail)

  3. I hope you will enjoy your lovely Spring day this afternoon and catch up on some good Flosstube :)

  4. I love libraries and always have. But I have (finally) gotten used to reading on my iPad or phone, so have extra love for e-library-books! No lovely book smell, but also my books on hold just arrive (instead of the next book arriving just after trekking to the library to pick up the last hold).

    Sunny here too, but wind chill is below freezing.

    Susan Anonymouse

  5. I'm enjoying seeing your wonderful progress - this is such a pretty piece! Hope your chair time goes smoothly and you can enjoy the beautiful day!

  6. Such a lovely piece. Hope you are enjoying your day. I read a new author the other day, wrote The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. My library had it.

  7. Okay, bad english, should have proofed it before I hit send!

  8. Grasshopper Pie is really looking good. I was wondering about a some of your old friends ... haven't seen any mention of Miss Charlene in ages ... is she still around?

    1. I'm afraid I haven't seen anybody since starting dialysis, Miss Joan. I miss my guild sisters so much, but imagine that they are all well and stitching away!