Mar 22, 2019


One of the things I love about Dr. Melfi is that she helps me put things into better perspective and doesn’t let me take myself too seriously in the process. After talking to her for an hour I put my angst aside and managed to enjoy my Thursday.

The to-do list is where it should the trash can. Yes, there are a few things that I really must pick up prescriptions and pay bills, but all the other stuff can wait. The dust bunnies and I will just have to peacefully co-exist until such time as I can muster the energy to pack them a little suitcase and send them on their way.

I did run a few errands and decided on Chinese for dinner...a treat that I have learned to enjoy in moderation. I like veggie fried rice and General Tso’s chicken extra extra spicy...and it was! Cleared the old sinuses right up, and there are leftovers for tonight!

My TeeVee viewing was a binge of a show on the HBO called “Big Little Lies”. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but once I watched two or three episodes I was hooked. I think it was based on a book? Not my normal, but I did enjoy it.

I’ll close with an update on Grasshopper Pie:


  1. And guess what --- Big Little Lies was renewed for Season Two. AND the one and only Meryl Streep is joining the cast!!!

  2. Big Little Lies is by Australian author Lianne Moriarty and she has written lots more. The book is originally based in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, but I think changed for US consumption. Great book glad you are enjoying it! Robyn

  3. Great progress - and glad you threw that list away! Causes more stress - things have a way of getting done eventually. Chill girl! Love the pie - you are doing great with that. :D

  4. Great progress on Grasshopper pie... To rid myself of dust bunnies with no effort I invested in a Roomba.... One of my better purchases... She gets all the dust bunnies and even does a good job on corners......

  5. Coni, have you ever looked into seeing if qualify for a housekeeper to come and send your dust bunnies on their way? I know the U.S. has different rules and healthcare and such than Canada but my mom used to go clean a house for a lady who was not well enough to do it all herself and the lady didn't pay for it. It always seems to me that you feel so much better when your house is clean so get some help in that department and spend the energy you do have on what you love :) And Grasshopper Pie is so so beautiful!