Feb 19, 2019


So here I am, out and about...wearing proper shoes and a bra and real pants on a Tuesday! I had an eye exam this morning and stopped for a treat before heading to the Martin's for towels.


At the Martin's.

(The Martin's is a fancypants food store where I usually buy food, but they ran a thingie in which you collected points and can now exchange them in for towels.)

(Or a Weight Watchers bathroom scale.)

(But why in the world would I want one of THOSE?)

In any event, as soon as I finish my whateverthisis I'm going to head over and see what's what. Then home to CS2 for a little stitching and napping before heading out to a basketball game.

That's it for now. Hope your Tuesday is swell!


  1. Bravo for you! Is that Starbucks I spy? YUM! Love those drive throughs where you don't have to get out. Hope the towels are spectacular. ::) Love, hugs and prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  2. Looks cold in Hoosierville. Glad you have that Starbucks to keep you warm!

  3. I hope you got lots of lovely soft towels and enjoyed every drop of your Starbucks! It's about time you have a grand day out!

  4. A fun day commences by the sounds. Way to go!

  5. Glad you were feeling better to go out and about! How was the basketball game?

  6. My first visit to your blog and it sounds like we have a lot in common. Getting dressed, never mind the bra part, lol, is a major effort for me every day. I'm happiest in my soft loose clothing and there are days I wear my pj's all day.
    I'm older tho, at 72, and I have a husband who does so much to help me get thru the days. He does most of the cooking, cleaning and laundry and best of all, he's a great cook!
    I have fibromyalgia and too many other invisible illnesses and my days are filled with pain, weakness and some (most) with fibro fog in which my brain is on break. LOL
    Quilting is the only thing that saves my sanity and lets me feel like a useful member of society. That is because I make comfort quilts which I donate to those who are ill or needing comfort for some other reason. I make memory quilts for the bereaved, quilts for veteran and active duty military, quilts for those doing chemo and dialysis, and quilts to just help someone thru a very rough spot in life.
    My husband fully supports my quilting and often brings me news of someone who needs a quilt, helping me contribute even tho I am disabled.

  7. Great you got out and about and topped it off with damn-good.
    Bless Wildyard for making her days count with her comforting
    reminders of love to those needing to be wrapped in them...
    Love these spinster inspirations....

  8. Looks like a lovely sunny day to be out and about! Hope you enjoyed yourself :)