Dec 1, 2018


Remember that easy going happy go lucky let's hold hands and sing kum ba ya and be happy and thankful for everything she has ever done or received spinster?



She's in time out.

As you know, I started LJP's Christmas Quilt ten years ago, and, like a doofus, did not write down anything regarding the threads I used.

I had completed all but one section of the center portion, and over the course of the last week I've wracked my tiny brain and tried no less than twenty different threads before I finally figured out what it was.


I danced around here for two days thinking I was the smartest stitcher on the planet, figured out the color, and ordered two skeins to complete this last little bit.

Guess what?

It's the wrong bloody color!!!

I was positive that it was ecru, because every other thread matched well color-wise when I used ecru, but ecru Trebizond is excatly one shade too bloody light.

Damn, drat, dang, and phooey.

I don't have a clue what Trebizond color I do need, but I am too miffed to even try to figure it out tonight. I was so excited to finish the red ribbon border that I figured I jump into the middle, finish it, and then hop back out and finish up the background and border.

As our dear friend Stitcherista would say....that a whole lotta NOPE on that one.

Screw it.

I'm going to bed.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, Dearies! Happy Saturday night!


  1. Oh Coni, what a bummer that is about the Trebizond that you ordered! Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  2. It may be Parchment you're after. Go to Needle in a Haystack's site and put in Trebizond in the search box. Hard to tell colors on a screen though-could be a dye lot issue.

  3. If all else fails, maybe the orts jar from the year (s) you stitched on this piece would have some of what you used then--? Or is that a needle in a haytstack of a different kind? :) It's a beautiful piece, even in its not yet finished state.

  4. Well shucks! Hope you get it figured out without much more trouble.