Nov 8, 2018


We're off to the basketball game, but here is how I spent my afternoon:

I use a combination of Sharpie ultra fine and Bic Mart It...also ultra fine, and I store them tip down in repurposed Crystal Lite containers. I color on top of copy paper on a plastic clipboard, and I use a piece of card stock for color swatching.

(For those of you Dearies who wanted to know).

Perhaps a little stitchy time before bed tonight. It will depend upon the time and my energy level tonight after the game!

Hope your Thursday was swell! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Well, I'm not thinking of taking up colouring myself, but I did actually want to know that stuff, so thank you for anticipating and sharing. Perhaps it's because I'm a stitcher and wanna know about your fabric and threads that it follows that when you're colouring I'd also be interested in your equipment and set up!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. A little different here! Cleaning frenzy indoors while it rained. I did manage a bit of sewing (patchwork blocks - although I discovered a cross-stitch kit when we were moving house, so a little of that has been started) as half an hour sewing is a reward for tasks done! Then outdoors moving the chickens to a different area. In for dinner and bath - then a chill out till my daughter and her partner arrived later in the evening. This morning it is still yukky weather and a warning for high winds and rain this afternoon. Hmmm.
    Carry on enjoying the colouring, it is also very relaxing.
    Have a good day today. :D

  3. I was wondering where you got all those cute marker sets. It's nice that they are something you put together. Now to find someone who drinks that stuff so I can ask nicely for the containers.

  4. So Coni, did you get your hot dog for dinner? Thanks for sharing the picture set up of your coloring corner.

    1. Indeed I did, dear Robin! Magoo put mustard and ketchup on it for me and it was delicious!

  5. Love the colors in this one! Very pretty!