Nov 10, 2018


(Three magic blankets, a coloring page, some markers, Goofy Juice, and stitching on deck for the duration I think.)

Last night I dreamt I was sitting in a restaurant eating a sandwich and James Gandolphini walked in and sat in a booth and I tried to take a picture of him but a tiny little dog wearing gold wire spectacles came up next to me and I reached down and picked him up and took his little glasses off and rubbed his tummy.

(Oh dear God...she's finally gone round the bend.)

Good Saturday morning, Dearies! I am in the Happy Chair trying to get my silly self together. I had a rough treatment yesterday and never quite bounced back, so it was early to bed for me with the hopes that I could accomplish lots and lots today.


I think I will stay here in my jammies and watch the snow and Outlander.

How about you?


  1. SEC Football and stitching. Irish play tonight!

  2. Hi Coni, I planned to stitch but instead I'm watching our 2 year old grandson. Cant take your eyes off them at this age. Just found your blog going to start back at the beginning, enjoying your sense of humor. I am new to stitching, only just started after watching flosstube everyone made it look so interesting. Also moved to Lanesville IN last April. Love IN. So we are practically neighbors. Jacilyn

  3. Hope you are feeling better today! Thinking of you!