Nov 17, 2018


Newspaper and stitching and magic blankets...check!

Hot and fresh damn good and crackpot spinster fireplace...check!

It's 11:15am, and I am just getting myself situated in the Happy Chair! I did not sleep well last night, so ended up spending more time burrowed under the covers that I would have thought humanly possible, but here we are.

Thoughts of cleaning the apartment have totally left for the day. It's clean enough for spinsters and rock and roll, folks. Instead, I am going to attempt a little laundry and play with needleminders and stitching all day.  Notre Dame comes on in a few hours, so that will justify me sitting on my heiney and stitching rather than scrubbing something to within an inch of its life.

This flu still has me by the gotchas, unfortunately, so I am going to listen to my better judgement and just lay low, drink lots of fluids, and push the chicken soup until it's over. I have dialysis again tomorrow, so I need to get my act together!

OK...switching channels. What's new with you? Tell me all about your plans for the day, what you're stitching, celebrating, cooking....all of it, Dearies! I do so love to imagine that you are in your very own cozy corner of the world and we are giggling over damn good and needlework!  WooHoo!


  1. Take good care of yourself!

    But Dialysis tomorrow? An special Sunday session? Slipping out to spend time with an attractive nurse while JB is away?

    Susan Anonymouse

    1. Sun, Tues, Fri due to Thanksgiving next week, dear Miss Susan!

  2. What is it about weekends. I've been retired for 8 years, but I continue to enjoy Saturday and Sunday in a unique way. Am stitching today as well...Coco

  3. After video excercise-- (ugh) I hope to stitch. Have ham and beans(pinto) in the Crock-Pot. Life looks good with ham and a beans in the neat future.

  4. I was gifted with some candles with wood wicks.they sound like a crackling fire when they burn! Real mini fireplace!!

  5. I spent time with some girlfriends today and we laughed the afternoon away. Now I am sitting with some stitching before bed. Hope you get feeling better soon :) And we are all giggling with you over damn good and needlework no matter how far apart we may be.

  6. Good evening, Coni. Hope the chicken soup and fluids are working their magic and making you feel better. I know this is slightly off topic for this thread, but I wanted to add one more thing about the passing of your dialysis friend. I'm guessing that I am not the only one who has had this thought, but, if it helps anyone at any time during a loved one's passing, it merits being said. Although your friend decided to forego her dialysis treatments for a couple of days, while it may be true that doing so had a dire effect, it is not necessarily true that, had she had the treatments, she would still be alive today. The time and circumstances of our passing (suicide aside) is something only God or the Universe knows. Simply put, it was her time. (If you feel the need to remove this comment, please do so. I won't be offended.) Take care.

  7. Thank you, dear Deborah. I do miss my friend, but know that there was probably an underlying reason for her passing. It was hinted at that she did have some pretty serious heart issues, so perhaps that and the fall and the missed treatments were just too much. But, thank you for reminding me that faith requires us to accept that sometimes the real reasons are just not ours to know. Bless you, dear heart!

  8. I am busily preparing to have the family over for Thanksgiving. I have been cleaning and organizing my already pretty clean house for a couple weeks. Today was dusting day. Spent the morning doing that, then made a detailed grocery list and shopped for almost everything. Meanwhile, I am also stitching Christmas. I am doing Plum Streets "Christmas is Coming" and Country Cottage Needleworks"Joy" When those are done, I have a ton of Christmas designs to get to. Thanks for asking!

  9. Hope your Saturday allowed good resting and very glad to hear no scrubbing! We hit a local holiday market followed by lunch out. Stitching, dining with friends (at IHOP), and reading rounded out my day. Thinking of you!

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