Nov 28, 2018


This is the display that greets me when I enter the lobby of the dialysis clinic. Fluid fluctuation is a big deal when you are a kidney patient. You limit your intake, try as hard as you can not to go overboard (with anything) and hope for no more than 1-3kg in extra weight. (1kg = 2.2lb) 

So far I've managed to stay well within my goal, but it has nothing to do with me being careful. It has to do with me being a complete nutjob and wanting little smiley faces on my monthly report cards. I hate frowny faces and have't gotten one yet, but I have taken it on as my personal mission to never see the likes of one.

Fortunately for me, I still urinate enough that I can have both of my cups of damn good as well as a little bit of goofy juice throughtout the day.  When that stops, however, I might have to re-consider the size of my damn good and sippy cups...a task that I am definitely not looking forward to.

OK...that's the public service announcement portion of the program today, Dearies. I'm snuggled up in the chair now and think I might watch a little Flosstube. I missed it Monday due to too much cyber browsing. I didn't make any purchases, alas, but I filled enough shopping carts to fill a mini mall. It was tons of fun with no impact on my pocketbook -  the very best kind indeed!

No stitching yesterday. I don't know why, really, except I found myself dozing on and off for much of the day, and I just couldn't get motivated to get needle and thread in hand, but I did achieve my goal of having a total and complete rest. It was divine.

The weather outside is cold and grey today...just how I like it!  Let's face it. This is Mother Nature's way of alleviating all of the guilt from bright sunny days that make you feel like you should be out doing something in the fresh air. A day like today, however, tells you it's OK to stay inside with your fuzzy socks on and just be cozy.


Here's hoping your very own Futzingday is wonderfully swell and perfectly perfect in every way! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I never realized you could be an overachiever in your toilet habits, Coni. Ohmy. I'm learning so much thru your experiences. Good, bad and funny. :) (SEE? I did a Smiley, not a frowny. I guess peeing a gallon of blood-red urine would be a bit problematic.)

    Have a good day, my dear.

  2. Cool and grey here today too Coni - which is also the way that I like it.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Sunny and cold here! Good going on the smiley faces, Coni!

  4. What about plain old water. Do you have to be careful about that too? We are recovering from a winter storm so no guilt about going outside to the snow today :)