Oct 15, 2018


That big house started to get to me, so I headed into the cube room studio to see if I could remedy the situation.

Boy, did I ever!

Shepherd'sBush "Harvest of Plenty" was right there in my WIP basket, and I just couldn't resist spending a few moments with it last night:

I'm not sure why I ever put this one down, exactly. I'm guessing that I could have this finished in one or two more stitchy sessions!

Miss Megan asked me if I cross every x when working with varieagated threads. The truth is, Miss M, that I cross every x as I go no matter the thread. I know that there are various techniques employed when cross stitching, but my sister taught me to cross the x fully before moving on, so that's the way I've always done it.

Time to get ready, Dearies. It's rather cold and dreary here this morning, and I am dragging my feet. 

I hope your Monday is wonderfully swell and that you get to do whatever your heart desires!


  1. And you already have all the big patch of green done on this one so even better! :) Enjoy your day today!

  2. But you'll come home to your sweet, clean, cozy CS2! Yay! 💐🌸🏵🌹🥀⚘🌷🌼🌻🌺🍁luv,

  3. I love Shepherd's Bush patterns, so I think we are kindred spirits. That is a really pretty one.

    I also cross each stitch as I go. I used to to a lot of over one stitching an d simply got in the habit then. The stitches tend to look neater to me. It might be my imagination, but who knows!

  4. Beautiful piece and your work is always so pristine. So now I have a question since you complete a x do you travel back and forth across a row?

    1. Indeed I do, Miss P! I am quirky...I start all of my pieces in the lower left corner (usually) and work up from the bottom, traveling across a row whenever possible!

  5. Thanks Coni. Interesting. I don't work with variegated threads very often, but work complete 'x' stitches when I do. The rest of the time I work complete rows/blocks of half stitches in one direction and then return to complete them in the other. Ginger finds that her stitches are neater when she works complete stitches one at a time. I think mine are much neater when I work half stitches in rows! That said, I'm currently working on a mammoth full-coverage project with loads of confetti so even three or four stitches in a row is uncommon.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. I think the little ghosties peaking out the windows of the big green house got to you.Hope your Monday turned out to be a good one

  7. And I am pleased to report that part one of my Great Staycation Project is complete. Home office dug out and miscellaneous storage items are gone! New filing cabinets moved in. Onward
    tomorrow to my overstuffed sewing room!!!

    Debbie in Kansas

  8. You had really accomplished a lot when another pretty caught your eye! I know you'll have this one done toot-sweet!!

  9. I love this design. I have a Shepherd's Bush project ready to start, but I keep walking around it. I'm not sure why I am so scared to begin. Thank you for sharing your work...it is beautiful.

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