Oct 20, 2018


I say it every weekend, but somehow end up doing something futzy. This time, though, I mean it. I am not getting out of this chair today.

(It is lovely and sunny, though, so I suppose I could take a little walk.)

(Or maybe do some laundry or change the big girl sleigh bed.)

(Or sweep the balcony and wash the patio windows.)

What in the h-e-double hockey sticks has happened to me?!?! Remember how I was perfectly content to just sit in the Happy Chair with a little furry somebody for company for weeks and weeks on end while the dust bunnies romped throughout the homestead and the laundry grew exponentially before my very eyes?

(Maybe dialysis really is making me feel a little better?)

(The treatment hangovers, though, seem to be getting worse and worse...oey.)

Enough. I need to turn my brain off for a bit, read the paper, enjoy some stitchy time, and just...rest. The world's problems will still be there tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart isn't coming for brunch, so me being a bit lazy today will not result in the loss of my secret decoder ring. I need to learn patience and balance and stop being so dang hard on myself. Right? (she says hopefully).

What's going on in your neck of the woods today, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!


  1. SEC Football and stitching. #RollTide

  2. You have company in your suffering--me--I am still very much in discomfort from a really bad case of the shingles--it started with really really bad pain on my upper body from my right breast down to my leg area--shingles mostly on my back on the right side--but even now that the shingles are mostly healed--I am still in alot of discomfort my body on the right side where the pain was is not numb--and kinda hard feeling--nerve damage they tell me--and it may be months before I am better--what????? I had just moved from Fl back to NY and am not one bit happy here--need to get back to Fl but because of income have to wait to get into a low income senior place--so here I sit--I did one small job and then end up in bed for an hour--even knitting and stitching causes my right side to increase in pain--
    love all your posts and enjoy seeing your stitchery projects-
    so we must hang in there and keep going--
    enjoy, di

  3. I hope you relaxed all day long! I mostly relaxed all afternoon and it was wonderful :)

  4. Yes - I'm voting that you need to stop being so dang hard on yourself. LOL

    Sydney, Australia