Oct 9, 2018


Brace yourself, Dearies. 

What I'm about to show you is both shocking and completely predictable. 

I hesitate to do it, but I think the only way I am ever going to address the situation is to spinster shame myself into revealing....

Oh, the inhumanity!

The cube room studio has become a dumping ground.

(Pause for a hearty round of "Like we couldn't see THAT coming".)

I tried, I really did, but I have turned my little nook into a total disaster, and it is driving me to distraction. I don't dare step foot in there, and God forbid I need something stupid like a bigger q-snap or a new needle, because the chaos that is my stash makes me want to sit down on the floor and cry.

My plan for the day is to completely empty this room, re-organize it to within an inch of its life, and then spend some time sitting in the chair looking out the window and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Or maybe...

I could sit on the couch and stitch this instead:

I'm three episodes away from being caught up with the Housewives, I've got eight movies taped that I'm dying to see, and there's always re-runs of something or other to capture my attention.

Oh, what is a spinster to do?

(Before you tell me to be lazy, understand that there are two other areas of CS2 to be done on Thursday and Saturday, so if I don't do the studio today I am setting myself up for guilt and recrimination of epic proportions.)

(Can anybody tell me why I do this to myself? You would think that by now I would have realized that I am old and broken down and tired and not the twenty-something year old gal about town who used to clean her entire apartment, go grocery shopping, and then out for dinner...all on a Saturday. Why am I beating myself up over one small space in an apartment that is otherwise kinda tidy? When am I going to learn that it's OK for me to be a patient and just sit on my heiney on days off, and not feel like I have to.....)

Dr. Melfi.  Paging Dr. Melfi!

Seriously, kids, I think I get like this because I feel completely terrified and helpless three days a week when I'm hooked up to that machine, and I'm trying to convince myself that I'm still in control of my life in some way. Control has always been a thing with me, and I guess I have just never learned to relinquish it.

(Except to Stewey, but that's a whole other therapy session for a whole other day.)

OK, enough. I'm going in.

If I'm not back in twenty-four hours with pictures of some form of success...call the authorities. (Just give me a geads up so I can get a bra and lipstick on).

Happy Tuesday, Dearies! Come tell me all about your corner of the world today!


  1. Truthfully, it doesn't look that bad.

  2. For this to be a true shaming, you need to be sitting in the room with a cardboard sign hanging around your neck with a clever saying on it. Instead of the "old broken down not 20 something anymore" lets go with "wisened mature knows there's more to life than a neat cubicle when a good portion of what should be fun time is spent hooked up to a machine so you are making up for that time by livin' large!!" Whew that was a mouthful. Hope it made sense,lol.
    I think you have a very nice degree of control still going on over there all things considered. There's room to walk in the cube and it appears to be staying inside the friendly confines of the room. Do what makes you happy!

  3. Two things...1) It doesn't look that bad, and 2) I can totally relate!!

  4. As I sit here too trying to change direction and decide what to focus on... It's nice to know I'm not alone in needing to get something done and not really wanting to do it.

  5. I could send you a picture of my sewing room and then you would feel massively better...but then the whole world would realize just what a slob I am....please just believe me --- it's not that bad --- relax and enjoy! --- Barbara

  6. Well, uh, I was always kind of under the impression that that’s how craft areas are supposed to look. Mine does!

  7. I finally came to the realization that, at least in my life, control is an illusion. You do wonderfully well with the cards you have been given. Hang in and remember the old saying: When life gives you 🍋 make lemonade or,brtter yet, lemon bars!!

  8. My needle minder came in the mail today.....LOVE it! Thank you so much Coni!

  9. And here I am wondering why you think you'd need lipstick and a bra if the authorities come. Phooey on them - they can just take you as they find you! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  10. That room looks pretty good. Put a few things away in the drawers and that would fix it. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed because I have put things off, I then try to reinvent the wheel, when all I really needed to do is to put some air in the tire. Do the easy things first and then if you are not satisfied, go a little deeper. I have a lot to do in my house and I will probably end up throwing a lot of things away that I should have just organized and saved. I am rambling...Your room looks good so be good to yourself and do the least you can for a few days. Thank you for listening.

  11. I would never show a picture of my craft room or you all would be calling that hoarders show on me. I will get at it one of these days but I am happy to just close the door over today. Hope you got along well with your organizing!