Oct 26, 2018


I had a lovely Thursday...a Dr. Melfi visit, nine holes of the golf, and then a little Tex-Mex for dinner before some stitchy time. 

Today has been rather rough so far...I just can't get my eyes open, and no matter how strong I make my damn good, it's just not doing the trick. Hopefully, I will be able to get a little rest in the chair today so that the weekend won't be spent sleeping!

Progress continues on When Skeletons Dance...

This skein of Threadworks has been a little tempermental, so I might have to break out the Thread Magic and show it who's boss...

I'm off to the chair, Dearies! I hope your very own Friday is off to a swell start and that the weekend ahead is full of all of your favorite things!


  1. Some floss, like some women (me), have uncontrollable curls!

  2. You are making good progress on your stitch. I hope today's chair time goes smoothly for you.

  3. I'm really liking this pattern :)

    Wanted to mention how much I really, really like the needleminder from you. And Stewey!! Ohmy. Thank you, Miss Coni, for being just You. Sending huggies from *finally* cooling-down AZ:)

  4. Lovely to see the close-up of your stitching - even though you included the pic to show us that pesky thread. Hope your session in the d-chair went smoothly.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. I'm sorry about the Threadworx, but it's a lovely color!

  6. It is looking so good!! And all your little stitches are just so perfect!