Oct 11, 2018


I think the total number of hours it took to put things back to rights is about fourteen.  All I know is that it is ten after midnight and I am freshly showered and really very happy with the results.  I have a few bins to purchase as my budget allows, but things are finally sorted in such a way that I can access and enjoy them.
Hard to believe this was almost piled to the ceiling yesterday!

This is the view immediately to the left as you come in my front door. The wall is very blank and needs some stitchy pieces, but hammering nails at this hour would not be very neighborly. The print is Sam Toft's Grand Day Out.

This area is where the recliner used to sit. Now it houses the printer, my date books and stitchy journals going back to 2005(!), and other office supplies. Eventually, those four cubes will have fabric bins to hide the mess and files will go in a file box.

Finally! A desk! This was my desk from my home office at the house, and it will be the perfect place to write, pay bills, play with my planner, etc. Speaking of...my 2019 planner is in the box underneath all ready to go!

OK, when I said I was happy...I meant with everything except this corner. Stacked on the floor and in a basket are all of my needlepoint and counted canvas wips. My cross stitch wips are in the blue basket/stand thingie. The file thingie on the TV tray holds all of my working files and checkbooks and other important stuff. I really don't like it there, but need to figure out a better alternative. Maybe a small filing cabinet and a closed box/tote/storage thingie for the canvases.

This was probably the most significant change. Now I can easily access all of my threads, stretcher bars, q-snaps, linen, and canvas. I know that Sterlite now makes all of these little cabinets in dark brown with a wicker-look finish, but methinks that's an investment for another day. Right now these are working perfectly well.

The cube wall is now totally different, and I don't have stuff piled to the darn ceiling anymore.

Here's where the black and white polka dot bins ended up...along with a longer cubbie:

So that's it for now, Dearies! I'm exhausted and sore, but very very pleased with the results. On Saturday I am going to tackle the front hall closet and switch my clothes from warm things to cold, but those two things should only take a little bit of time.

Tomorrow, I'm resting. All day. No exceptions. I pushed my limit a bit and it felt good to do so, but now it's time to rest.


  1. Fabulous outcome Coni. Well done.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Lovely, and congratulations! I have read your last few posts with great interest, as tomorrow I start an 11 day staycation at home doing the exact same thing...except it also involves a home office/junk room AND my stitchy room!! Because...I need filing room for more charts...so I must empty junk out of the office...I have ordered new filing cabinets into which I will file charts....to get them out of the stitchy room....to make room for the stash which is piled....well, you get the idea!! Stay tuned!!

    Debbie in Kansas

  3. Can you come over to Blighty and sort my craft room out LOL? Your place looks fab, take care xx

  4. Replies
    1. At the moment it's in the living room. I had originally thought about replacing the Happy Chair with it, but...decided to just let them hang out together for a bit!

  5. Beautiful! You've done a fantastic job and it looks beautiful!

  6. Looks terrifically organized and styled, a lovely room to breathe in floss and canvas aroma and all things stitching. I need to get my finished stitcheries framed and displayed too.

  7. I am very impressed and very jealous! Would you please come to my house and do my room like that? LOL

  8. It looks awesome!! You deserve a day of rest!

  9. What a beautiful home you have well done on the sorting out. I could just do with my beloved going away for a week I would get loads done, dress, eat and sleep as I like. Just me and our puppy cockerpoo Alfie. I would want him back after that though. Take care Coni you always make me smile. Hilary in a rainy UK xx

  10. Thank you for photos of the newly organized cube room. It looks great! I love all the framed stitching on the walls! I wish you could come organize me.

  11. Looks great. Do you sort your patterns by designer or topic (i.e. Xmas, etc.).

    1. Hi, Bonnie!

      I sort according to season...Spring/Summer; Fall; Winter/Christmas; and BAP's/ Misc.