Oct 24, 2018


Happy Wednesday, Dearies! I'm here at dialysis...doing my thing!

I'm still making progress on When Skeletons Dance ('scuse that weird pattern showing up at the bottom please):

I spent a few hours yesterday at the desk after a huge burst of energy that allowed me to do seven loads of laundry, re-organize the linen closet, put Costco things away, and empty all of the trash. (No clue why I am doing all of this frenetic cleaning and organizing...perhaps I am part squirrel and am preparing for winter?) It was wonderful to sit and pay bills, etc and look out that window:

I think the ring you saw on my hand might have been this one (my Mom's):

or it might have been this one from the QVC that I bought when I turned 40 and wanted to feel like a movie star (or a Kardashian). It's seven carats of Diamonique and cost me a whopping thirty bucks!

So no, Dearies. No big announcements to make regarding the state of my spinsterhood. I remain single, never married, and never a Mo-ther (unless you count You Know Who).

That's the report from Hoosierville today...how's things in your neck of the woods?


  1. You were definitely a Mom. Furry children are children in their own special way and Stewey was a very special boy, indeed.

  2. As DianeD posted, you were definitely a mom to dear Stewey. As far as rings go, Jersey Boy is here to stay...ring or no ring. Just my intuition.

  3. I like that you wear your favourite sparklies on your ring finger, tradition be darned. I wear my great-grandmother's engagement ring on the 4th finger of my right hand (which is the ring finger in many European countries).

    Susan Anonymouse

  4. Blessings on Diamonique for letting any gal feel like a movie
    star without breaking the bank..both lovely rings, by the way. Your Halloween piece is coming along beautifully and that pattern at the bottom is an enhancement. Hope you had
    a productive day, Miss Neatness Personified...

  5. Fabulous to see your progress on the Halloween project. And thanks for the info about the ring. It occurred to me that you may have been wearing it for years, although many of us responded as though it was something new. (It was lovely to see a photo of you as I know you don't publish many.)

    Sydney, Australia

  6. You are making good progress on your Halloween stitch. Good for you on knocking out the chores!

  7. Haha, I have a fabulous Diamondique ring, too! They're fun to wear.

  8. I am loving that project more every time you show it!

  9. You are really getting through all that green. Looks great!