Sep 25, 2018


Make needleminders:


So here we are on an Autumn Tuesday, Dearies! It is a bit drizzly here in Hoosierville today, so as soon as I have dispatched the second cup of damn good and completed a few little chores, I am going to get to it.

Thank you for the needleminder orders! The packaging arrived yesterday, and I am hoping for the Stewey stickers on Friday, so I should be able to hold to my deadline of a Saturday ship date. I have really enjoyed tinkering with these silly little hearts, and hope to continue to make them going forward.

On the stitchy front, I broke down and started something new on Sunday. I really enjoyed those first few  stitches, so we'll see if that doesn't get me back into the swing of things toot sweet!

If you ordered a t-shirt from the second batch, they are en route, but probably not packaged and/or labeled as nicely as I would have preferred. Magoo (*) did me a favor yesterday while I was doing my d-chair thing, and I'm pretty sure there were no pretty pieces of tissue or thank you stickers involved whatsoever.

Forgive me?

(*) The Jersey Boy has officially been christened "Magoo". I love the guy, I really do, but are ALL men this oblivious? Between the poor eyesight, the propensity for getting lost, and the habit of getting distracted by something shiny...oey. He thinks I hold his arm for support when we go places, but it's really to keep him from wandering into traffic. 😳

Well, I suppose that's enough kibbutzing for today...I better get to work!  

I hope your week is off to a swell start and that you are getting to do all the things that blow your skirt up. If you get a chance, come tell us all about it!


  1. Oh Coni, thank you for the giggle about Magoo! It is a drizzling mess here and has been since Sunday. Retreat season is getting ready to start for me, so I am prepping for them. Good start on your new stitch!

  2. I do think that a lot of men just see the world differently from a lot of women, which can be infuriating for both parties. LOL

    Sydney, Australia (on a borrowed device)

  3. You must take the frustrating with the good -- and sometimes pray!! LOL

  4. Infuriating? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely!

  5. Magoo is a perfect name and yes all the males I have ever had the pleasure of knowing are completely oblivious. :) Love your new start!!