Sep 1, 2018


So much for having a plan.


No cleaning, laundry, or Fall decorating took place. Instead, I sat down with my stitching to select projects for a basket and spent the better part of four hours looking through WIPs and non-WIPs.

Sadly, nothing blew my skirt up. 

Guess what I decided to play with instead?

I'm so darn close to finishing this one, Dearies. Would it be so wrong for me to just continue to play with it to my heart's content? I know there are about a thousand beads that will have to be applied after the stitching is complete, but somehow I am looking forward to getting this done and off to the framer...maybe to hang in my bedroom once totally completed?


  1. Do what makes you smile. There are no laws saying you have to have some kind of rotation in September. Besides, is is just so incredibly satisfying to enter the home stretch on a project, make those last jumps and finish it up.

  2. *WIP*ing is so much fun but passes time too quickly! I love Red Velvet and can't wait to Happy Dance with you.

  3. What a lovely way to spend four hours! And if the decision is to stick with Red Velvet, that's perfectly fine. It would be lovely to have it finished, beaded and framed. Enjoy.

    Sydney, Australia

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  5. So happy you decided to keep on with RVC. When I saw the full picture and how close you were, my mind couldn't believe you would put it aside for a while!

  6. RVC is looking fabulous, Coni! I say go for it.

  7. It looks good! Don't blame you for wanting to finish it. It's gonna be fabulous!

  8. If you are enjoying it then keep on keepin on!