Sep 16, 2018

Thank you for undetstanding my joy over making needleminders, Dearies! It really does confirm that we are a special breed, because when I proudly showed them to Jersey Boy he looked at them for an exact split second, mumbled something vaguely positive, then went back to watching the soccer game on the TeeVee.

Never fear, though, because this adventure has just begun. I am making a hard press to get more items sourced and made and available as fast as I can. I told SOMEBODY that they better get me pricing and a picture of a damn good mug today or I'm going elsewhere.


(What can I say?  I'm a ruthless businesswoman and know how to drive a hard bargain.)

(Actually...I'm not and I don't, but I would like to think that there is one small part of me that might be able to do this without bloodshed, swear words, or permanent consequesces lingering.)

So hopefully there will be t-shirts, damn good mugs, and needleminders coming your way very soon.  Stay tuned!

(Somebody asked me about the costs of a kidney transplant. I've never been told an exact figure, but I think it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 thousand. When you consider the fact that nine months of dialysis treatments have already cost twice that amount ( read that correctly. The latest statement from Fresenius that I saw was at $1.5 million), you can imagine why getting a transplant becomes not just a life saver, but a serious financial savings as well.)

Onward we go!

The sun is shining today, and temperatures are expected to be near 90 so I am getting chores done, having a bit of breakfast, and heading down to the pool for a little aqua therapy. I really need to up my exercise game, and for some reason swimming is the one thing I've been able to stick with.

Hopefully, there will be some stitchy time this afternoon. I saw a post on the Facebook about converting cross stitch patterns to canvas, and it got me thinking that I could kit up a few favorites like this for D-days.  

Happy Sunday! I hope yours is wonderfully swell and that you get to do things that blow your skirt up!  Come tell us all about it!


  1. There are already charts out there for blank canvas - thread appropriate, etc. Most popular canvas size is 18 count. I have several - let me know and I will send photos for you to pick from. Most are geometrics. And canvas comes in lots of colors, some are sparkly and various sizes (12, 13, 14 ct) and there is Congress cloth - a hybrid of canvas (not as soft as linen but softer than canvas itself). I could go on but won't. I'll be happy to answer all kinds of questions.

  2. You should know better than to try to grasp the attention of
    someone addicted to anything resembling a ball in play.... He
    already knows whatever you do is great.. Those costs for the procedure or treatments are stunning.. bless you. I'm on line
    for the mug and minders....Have a great Sunday swim and stitch.

  3. ANG has stitch of the month designs dating back to the turn of this century. Each month shows a new stitch, and toward the end there is a project. Sometimes the project is created as a mystery with each monthly installment. The size is usually right around your D-Day parameters. Check it out. If you're a member they're all available. If not, just this year's is available to the public. Are you a member of ANG? If not, get in touch with me.

  4. I will take a mug and a needle minder or two. I will spring for more than $10 apiece but I know others may not be able to. The minders don't have to cost the same. One can be $15, the others $8-$10. So find the sweet spot that sells the most & gives you something extra for the kidney fund.

  5. I can sooooo relate to this post today! Let me tell you a little story. After stressing over finishing off a gift for someone, I spent hours (and I do mean HOURS) finding the right way to finish, the right fabric and ribbon etc. I finally finished and showed it to DH just this morning and his comment was, "I've seen you do better." I love the man dearly, but all his taste is in his mouth! Except for choosing me as a wife, of course! haha... Men...

  6. Speed - those medical costs are phenomenal!

    Sydney, Australia (on a borrowed device)

  7. 'Speed'? I don't know what happened there. I wrote 'wowza'.


  8. Wow! That is a lot of money! I am shocked! So glad you have your Jersey Boy there so you are aren't alone through all of this. Even if he can't tell a masterpiece when he sees one ;)