Sep 28, 2018


I'm enjoying my second cup of damn good under my magic blanket before it's time to get ready for dialysis. It's about 50 degrees outside and about 55 degrees inside...just exactly how I love it!

No stitching to report, Dearies. I made needleminders all day yesterday and then spent the evening with a few ice packs and some Tylenol. I have been having trouble with my left hand and arm, and it looks like I might have developed something called Steal issue that sometimes crops up with patients with AV fistulas. I'm thinking that all of the activity with that hand was a little too much, but we'll see...

Tonight, I hope to return to stitching a bit, with a movie or two and the magic blanket back in place. But first, Buzzy ans Beepy need to go do their thing for a bit, so off we go!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is off to a great start and that you get to spend some time with your own needle and thread. Come tell us all about it!


  1. My kind of weather,too!! Hope your hand gets better.

  2. Please send the cold down to Savannah!

  3. I also love cooler weather!

    Sydney, Australia (in Canada on a borrowed device)

  4. I LOVE getting cozy under blankets, or bundling up to go outside, especially if it involves some hand-knit merino. I do hope your arm feels better!

  5. Hoping your arm eases off and allows you to
    do some stitching while cuddled into your
    magic blanket and viewing some good cinema...