Sep 29, 2018


Today I cleaned the apartment like the old days. I'm wiped out, but very very happy that I did so. The physical exercise was great for my poor old worn out portly body, and the resultng clean and tidy home is just what my poor old worn out soul needed.

I'm off to a hot scrubby shower in that clean bathrom and then I'm going to climb into that freshly changed bed and sleep deeply and well!

Ciao, Dearies and Happy Saturday!


  1. If you are not busy next week, I'll send the plane ticket LOL
    What a great job and you deserve the puffed up satisfaction..
    Now konk out on that fresh bed and recover, super girl...

  2. Okay, enough with making the rest of us look bad! Just keep your cleaning habits to yourself from now on! Let the rest of us sit in our own filth in peace and quiet...

  3. You have a lovely home. I like your stitching chair and foot rest. I have been looking for one like that for years. So comfy looking. Enjoy your clean home and take your deserving rest. Happy weekend.

  4. A clean home does make one feel really good, doesn't it - if (long-term) memory serves me correctly, that is! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  5. For future reference, how many Hail Mary's for yellow flags against Notre Dame.

  6. I always chuckle when I see leaning stitch chairs!! Our chairs always seem to gravitate towards the light. Maybe it's because one side of my rump is heavier, or maybe it's because I'm getting old and need more light when I stitch. Enjoy a day of rest!!!