Sep 10, 2018


My view today is not of the fountain or the usual Esther Williamsesque waterfowl pageantry, but that's OK. Buzzy is hooked up to Beepy and cousin Midge is doing her blood pressure measuring thing, so all is well in Hoosierville.

I think Fall is finally upon us, Dearies, since I slept with the windows wide open and woke up in the middle of the night to fetch a cozier blanket from my linen closet.  

Ahhhhhhhh, cool crisp air that makes me want to buy school supplies!

No stitching to report, I'm afraid. I had hoped to remedy that here in the chair today, but forgot to stash a project in my bag. I need to get my act together and assemble a few small kits for here and when I'm  not in the Happy Chair, but I keep forgetting to do so. Maybe Christmas ornaments? 

What happened to the hyper-organized nutball that used to plan her planning, organize her organizing, and list her lists? When did I become so delightfully easy and spontaneous and kay-sir-ah-sir-ah?

(She asks with just a hint of sarcasm...but only a hint, because it is one trait I never mastered. Irony, wit, self-deprecation I've got in spades. But sarcasm? Not so much.)

I think that's about all for today. I'm thinking that it might be time for a blanket and some Flosstube!

What's new with you?


  1. Ch-ch-ch-changes . . . No longer the "hyper-organized nutball" but a woman dealing with serious health issues, a new relationship, and different way of living. Yep, you're doing it!

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. Christmas ornaments sound like a great idea for the d-chair days.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Sounds like pumpkin spice anything kind of day!!

  4. Take a nap. I'm sure you could still use some recovery time from the weekend. Especially, since you began on a sleep deficit.

  5. Went shopping for finishing supplies for the Archangel Raphael and had a happy time with shopping.....but that finishing is not happening for a couple of weeks, as I now also have everything I need (like chart & threads) for ---ta da -- BABY GIFTS. No, Silly, not for me! -- for my nephew and his wife's baby-to-be. And I need to get these gifts done ASAP. So I'm into Mama Duck and Baby Ducks and river water blues, on 14 ct. Aida hooded bath towel and bib. FUN TIME! :-)
    Lynn in southern NJ

  6. Don't get too settled into fall just yet. Here in Denver, last week was blissful, 70s chilly mornings, comfortable days - lovely, fallish. We were around 90 today and hot (thankfully we don't often have much humidity) and we're supposed to stay low 90s all week. ;-(

  7. Coni, hope chair time went well for you. I think ornaments or even a small one color stitch would be just the ticket for your bag.

  8. Organization. I've heard that word before. I reject it's use. :)

  9. Ornaments would be the perfect little take a long projects. Lots of cute free ones out there on the internets too if you have a search :)