Aug 15, 2018


I managed to have a very good stitchy session last night, and fished through the cube room studio for smaller q-snaps and a snuggie.

I think it's the first time using one, so after a few minutes of fitzing and futzing, I got used to it and stitched two whole sections:

I haven't addressed the stain yet, since I really am hoping that the stitching will cover most of it. I do appreciate the suggestions for treating it, though...very helpful, indeed!

So that's it for a Wednesday morning. I'm going to put a few more stitches in before heading off to the chair. It's kind of a gloomy day here today, so methinks this might be a YouTube/nap session!

Finally...thank you for all of the nice comments from those of you who have received and are enjoying your t-shirts!  I'm so happy to know that they met expectations, and I really appreciate the support!  I haven't given up on the mugs or other items just yet....we're sourcing to find the best price and easiest distribution.

Happy Futzingday, Dearies! Do something Futzy and come tell me all about it!


  1. Your work is lovely. I can't use q-snaps or scrolls. I stitch in-hand. I didn't see a stain -- so if it's pictured, it's unnoticeable. Happy Stitching!

  2. I got my t-shirt yesterday. Very happy with the design and color. I will wear it to my stitching group tomorrow night.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! And is the stain in these pictures? If so I can't notice it.