Aug 13, 2018


I'm here, but feeling like I am under water. My nurse here at dialysis thinks it might be a bug that is making its way through the unit, since a lot of patients called off today and are complaining of the same symptoms.


I did a bit of stitching yesterday, but not enough to show. I also discovered that there is a bright pink stain on the upper right corner of my linen, but I am trying not to lose my head over it. I suspect that it is from the bright pink headband I used to hold the extra linen...that it somehow got wet and bled a bit without me realizing it. Hopefully the stitching will cover it, and if not, it will blend in and become part of the piece.

I do have a lovely fountainview chair, so there's nothing to complain about on that front:

Hopefully both Buzzy and Beepy will behave themselves today and I can run at full speed for the duration. They have discovered that a longer needle in the upper position works better on me bcause Buzzy is so very deep (I think he's just shy), so hopefully that will allow for better cleanings. It's pretty daunting to watch them come at me with it because it looks very much like a harpoon straight out of Melville, but it does the trick and I can close my eyes for a few seconds, no?

Flosstube will be the order of the day, methinks. I have been distracted by all things shiny and diamond painting these last several days, but I need to get back in my lane. My hands are not going to allow the gripping of a pen for any length of time, and there is too much stitchy goodness to be had to be grounded from it due to tendonitis.

So that's it, my Dearies. A quiet start to what will hopefullt be a quiet week. What's new in your corner of the world?


  1. Try a little baking soda sprayed with peroxide on the stain. Try it in a corner first. I use it on colored clothes all the time. It's really magical.

  2. Coni. I once watched (in horror) as a friend put you white linen on top of her UNCAPPED highlighter. Within seconds she had a big fat blob of HOT PINK right smack dab in the middle. Someone handed her a box of Wet Ones and a stack of white paper towels. Half hour later you could not tell anything ever happened.

    Give it a whirl. Put the paper towels under the fabric and keep press the Wet One into the stain. It can't hurt and it might save the day.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Feeling well enough to kick your heels up!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Try a paste of baking soda and tonic water to remove the stain.

  4. Back to work Monday. Had a prescription to order Velcro calf wraps since my Lymphodema massage sessions have been cut off by Medicare (Yes, I'm old) for the remainder of the year. Wrap each of my legs in three ace bandages 2 x's a day and the new Velcro wraps will eliminate that Yippee! I'm a quilter and I love needle point.
    Hope your day is awesome!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  5. I watched some YouTube diamond painting for a couple weeks while recovering from thumb joint surgery and enjoyed them, but honestly, I'm not excited about trying it. Love my stitching too much, and I want to get back to it. Hoping you have better sessions each and every time.

  6. Hope today's chair time goes smoothly for you, Coni! Hope the bug leaves soon!

  7. I hope everything went smoothly today. Also wanted to let you know that my t-shirt arrived today! After a rough week at work it was a wonderful surprise!

  8. I am doing a happy dance - not because of a finish but because I joined a new club. Barbara's Strawberry Club. Check out the FB post. I love these strawberries.

  9. Hi Coni, I wanted to tell you I received my t-shirt today, here in the rain-drenched mountains of central Pennsylvania. I love it. We are here for two months, then back to our home in IL. I have lots of time to stitch, and I love reading your blog. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are a wonderful, brave soul.

  10. I ended up with a spot on my linen once that would not come out. I stitched a little design over the spot and no one knows but me....and now you. ;-D

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  12. So hoping you are on the mend by now! I can't even imagine how getting sick would feel when you are already dealing with so much.