Jun 5, 2018


Mister Spinster is in Idaho this week at a sales conference, and I have been behaving badly.

The apartment is a complete and total wreck. So much so, that a few moments ago I found myself stumbling around without my glasses on my face so that I couldn't see the mess!

(When that becomes your default cleaning method...it's really time to re-evaluate your place in the human race.)

The bed is a tossled mess, there are toothpaste sploshes all over the mirror, dishes are in the sink, and the Target stuff that arrived is still sitting in its box in the middle of the living room!

I'm not much better. I've been living in shorts and a t-shirt that isn't so much a shirt as it it a collection of thread and holes, with half a neckline and one sleeve missing. I've eaten very poorly, slept too much, and have binge-watched The West Wing on Netflicks until the wee hours of the morning. My dialysis tech asked me yesterday just what was going on with me, because my weight was up four kilos (that's over eight pounds!) and I looked like something the cat coughed up on the rug.

Holey Schmoly, when I decide to go full-on frat boy, I do it with impunity!

I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've stitched and read and napped and relaxed in between texting Mister Spinster to reassure him that I am taking care of myself. 

(We'll just keep the real truth to ourselves, OK Dearies?  I've already had to bribe the Chicken Sisters with a trip to Reno, since they were left in charge of me in Mister's absence. I pick them up at the airport about an hour before fetching the Mister on Thursday night, so let's hope I can pull this off and not get caught.)

I have one more day of this, followed by dialysis tomorrow and then appointments on Thursday. I suppose I should map out a plan for getting my act together, but....naaaaahhhhhh.

Here's hoping that your own little corner of the world is considerably more organized and that you are doing whatever makes your heart sing! Come tell me all about it...maybe it will inspire me to get moving!

Two hours later...

Well, imagine my surprise! After my second cup of damn good, a peanut butter bagel, and a little push from my inner 1950's housewife, I puffed and scrubbed and scoured and organized and...viola'!  A tidy, clean, and peaceful CS2 once again! Now I'm going to cool off, grab a hot scrubby shower, don a fresh mummu, and head out to the balcony for some afternoon stitchy time!


  1. Oh my, 4 kilos, how disheartening.

    Our kitchen faucet quit this morning, so I have cleaned the kitchen so the plumber won't be scared.

    I hope the Cleaning Fairy visits while you are at dialysis tomorrow!

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. Hum, a few days of uncontrolled chaos isn't so bad. I love those T shirts with half a neckline (you crack me up).Four kilos sounds like a drug deal gone bad. The weight gain is the only disheartening aspect of your post because we all know how hard it is to lose weight. But I have faith you'll get the train back on the track.

    Sandra in Texas

  3. The weight gain is undoubtedly water weight. Not to worry. I call them crocodile (sp?) days--fill up the moat, let out the critters, and do what you will. We all need one or two of those every now and then.

  4. Lay out a fresh, untattered ensemble, hop into a warm shower, don the ensemble, fill yourself with nutritioness and face the day and the wreckage until it is vanquished. You will be fortified and prepared to pick up the girls then JB. A few days of protein shakes should take care of the excess avoirdupois....

  5. Oh Coni, we all have days like that. Take a deep breath, grab that scrubby shower, and then enjoy the bliss of your patio. Thinking of you!

  6. Coni, as someone who usually is cleaning something the cat hacked up and usually at 5am, I seriously doubt that you looked like something the cat heaved up. Glad u pulled yourself up and hit the boards. Threaten the old girls that they will be the special guests at Sunday dinner if they can't keep their beaks shut.

  7. Heeheeheee, this will all be our little secret. Hey sometimes ya just gotta let your hair down. Tell the sisters, keep their beaks zipped or they'll be meeting the Colonel!

  8. A few days of thoroughly enjoying yourself never hurt anything :)