May 25, 2018


My day "off" yesterday was actually quite swell, but nary a stitch was taken. I had a morning appointment, then a nice nap, and then another round of golf in the evening with Mister Spinster. I did well enough, but realized half way through that the heat and humidity are going to be more of a problem for me now. Apparently, one of the other added benefits of this thing of mine is an increased intolerance to heat.

And we all know how well I did in the heat already...oey.

So today I am off to the chair and then to the grocery for holiday weekend provisions. I'm thinking all salads all the time...pasta, potato, and fruit...along with something fun on the grill. I don't have my grill here at the apartment (because that would be illegal), but the complex provides one for us down by the pool.

Mister Spinster is already jonesing for a beach (I can tell), so tomorrow I might put him in the car and head over to Lake Michigan with the masses. I'm sure it will be nothing like his beach in Atlantic City, but...water, sand, seagulls...what's not to love?

I'll stitch...I promise.  I really am trying not to get too completely wrapped up in my head about it and just let it flow. I'll carry my project to the chair today, but won't get too nuts if it doesn't work out.

Happy Weekend, Dearies! If this is a long one for you...savor every minute and come tell me all about it!


  1. Happy weekend! Lake Michigan sounds wonderful - love that sand!!

  2. Just a thought -- less heat tolerance may be part of the fun of menopause (or peri-menopause).

    But salads, a grill and a beach sound like a wonderful idea. Enjoy!

    Susan Anonymouse

  3. I hope today's chair time followed by grocery shopping goes smoothly, Coni. I am not a fan of heat and/or humidity. Thinking of you!

  4. I am going to put a few stitches in on something this weekend if it kills me! Beyond that, my only plans are breakfast & the Farmers Market with my parents when I get off work tomorrow morning, swanning about & eating bonbons on the couch, and watching the Batman series on dvd!

  5. Stitching time has been sparse for me lately too. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  6. Very pretty view. I hope your session is an easy one today.

  7. Now that is a lovely view. No special weekend plans other than to relax and maybe work on George Washington (slow little covered with much confetti effort)
    Hope you have a good chair day and a splendid weekend with JB.

  8. Heat and humidity are no fun for me was 100 here yesterday, going to be 102 today. Other than my physio appointments I stay inside with the AC as much as possible. My meds make me heat intolerant, and I have had heat exhaustion once before, and it was awful. My next appointment is at the unholy hour of 9:30 AM...someone has a sense of humour at physio it seems...
    Have a wonderful weekend, just relax ans enjoy! xo

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