Feb 22, 2018


...and on my way to the train station to retrieve my Jersey Boy!  I missed him terribly, but am proud that I was able to semi-function as a fully-formed semi-adult in his absence.  

(I was getting a little worried that I had lost my fiercely independent side and had become incapable of supervising myself, but I managed to get myself to and fro quite nicely thankyouverymuch.)

Lots of appointments today while Rich naps a bit, and then one more Chair Time session until the weekend!  I would love to tell you that they are getting easier and easier, but as soon as I do that I crash again...so let's just say I am hanging in there as best I can.

I have, however, found several pounds that I had lost, so it's back to the grindstone in that regard. I suspect that it is due to my appetite roaring back with a vengeance, but the truth is that Pop Tarts are probably not the best snack choice for a fifty-one year old portly spinster.  I'll make a few tweeks here and there with the help of my dietician and get my fanny around the block every now and then and all will be well.

So that's it for a Thursday in Hoosierville, Dearies!  I hope you are swell and that your needles are flying.  If they are...come tell me all about it!  If they aren't...come tell me all about that too!


  1. Good to hear all of your news! :D You can do anything! (I believe I see a cape flying from your shoulders.) ;) I am trying to finish Little House Needleworks UVW from ABC Sampler Houses. I am so happy to hear that your Jersey Boy is home (or coming home). Yay team! Wishing you all the best with ... Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  2. Oh Coni, your blog post title made me giggle. Thank you! Glad to hear that your Jersey Boy will be home soon. Enjoy your day!

  3. Pop Tarts aren't the best choice for anyone, I have to say, delicious though they are. Unfrosted strawberry is my favorite but if I eat two instead of one, I get very sick (gastric bypass). Yesterday I saw Darkest Hour. I have seen all of the Oscar-nominated leading actor performances and I must say that no one can possibly top Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. Everyone else may as well stay home! So glad Rich is home today. Enjoy your evening!

  4. Never had a pop tart in my life, dear one, and you got me
    to go and get the cinnamon to have with my tea... I read the serving calorie figure and thought it was for the two
    pieces in a package... not so bad...then, saw just one.. No more pop tarts for this gal...LOL too good to be so.
    Welcome home to JB and easeful chair time and relaxing
    evening tomorrow... Knew you could do it, Ms Indpendence

  5. LOVE frosted brown sugar pop tarts more than anything! Just sayin!

  6. Not a Pop Tart fan, but for a pick me up during dialysis, it sure is convenient. When you find those nutritious alternatives, please share. I need nutritious.

  7. I was on a streak of eating Poptarts last year....the S`mores ones. Then I read the box. Oh dear, the fat and calories!! I am presently trying to take off a gained 40 lbs due to bad eating habits, depression and a thyroid crash. I have adjusted my meds and am doing it the only way that works for me, counting calories. I wish you luck in getting those few pounds off...do you have to lose more, or are you at a good weight for a transplant now? Wishing you support and love as always...

  8. Glad you hanging in there! I have had the flu all week with a yucky eye infection so my needles have been pretty slack. Also glad to hear you and your Jersey Boy have been reunited :)

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