Feb 19, 2018


I really am enjoying this piece, so I think I will continue on until the end if the month with it.  If you would have told me early in my stitchy career that I would become so completely monogamous, I would have thought you were nuts.  Remember the 300-pound hummingbird that used to flit from project to project?

(There are days when I really do miss her.)

Today is You Know What, so once my little snack bag is packed...off I go.  I take the same thing every time...a Vitamin water, pop tarts, veggie straws, and trail mix.  I also put my iPad, chap stick, headphones, and tissues in there, but alas, no stitching.  There's just no way to stitch while in the chair, but if there are any fellow warriors out there who have figured it out...I'm all ears!

Three more sleeps until my Jersey Boy is home again.  I miss him terribly, but think a few days of alone time was good for me. It reassured me that I can still function (kind if) but that having a mate to function with is swell too.

That's it for a cloudy Monday, Dearies. The Chicken Sisters were up and out early this morning. I thought I heard them say something about a breakfast buffet at the senior center, but methinks that was code for "a day at the racetrack betting the ponies".

Hope your day (and the week ahead) are full of fun and love and laughter. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Love love that piece. Might have to find it for myself.

  2. This piece is coming along beautifully... it's appeal to you may be the symmetry and order of it that give you a
    sense of controlled balance, impressing the gray matter.
    Good for you and the sisters thriving so well solo...bet
    they miss JB also....

  3. It looks amazing!! Hope things are going smoothly today!

  4. Never underestimate the joy of creating. That is what life is all about.

    Now, about those chicken sisters.............they bear close watching, and we are all looking forward to hearing about their latest antics!

  5. It's looking wonderful. Those chicken sisters sound like a potful of trouble! lol

  6. Hi Coni: I wish I had a solution for you and stitching in the chair, when I had an accident way back in 1997 Mike rigged up a stand and frame holder and I stitched with one hand, it took a little while to get used to.
    This is a beautiful design, it looks like you are almost finished.
    Its snowing here and a whapping 15 degrees in Minnesota.


  7. Coni, RVC is looking fabulous. Hope your time in the chair went smoothly today. Hope the chicken sisters didn't get arrested! Thinking of you!

  8. RVC is looking really good. I can't remember what the entire design looks like. If the month ends before you finish it, would you show another shot of the photo on the pattern? Hope today went well.

  9. I had the day off so was able to enjoy much of it stitching. I find that I'm going the way you are with stitching, Coni. Back in the day it was start, start, start. Now I find I mostly rotate about 4 and the closer a project comes to being finished, the more time I devote to it. Does this mean I'm an "adult stitcher"??????

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