Jan 7, 2018


Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear...it would seem that we did make a little mess of it.

Our intention with the calendar is to celebrate the male persuiasions of your species that are in any way related to the stitchy community writ large.

This could mean a man who cross stitches, needlepoints, hardangers, embroiders, or sews.

It could be a spouse, boyfriend, significant other, life partner, rooster, or friend who doesn't ply needle and thread per se, but who sits quietly while we do...or who never utters a word of disappointment that the size of our stashes is only outdone by the size of our WIP baskets.

Any and all are welcome...no exceptions, exclusions, or rules apply.  All we need is a nice photo, and if at all possible, a brief statement to accompany the photo that introduces said person to all of us chickens.

(And yes, Beefcake is always welcome.)

As for this being a money-making or fundraising venture...we don't expect it to be much of either.  The truth of the matter is that we are a couple of lonely, yet fiesty old gals who enjoy a little man candy as much as the next.  And man candy affiliated with "this thing of ours"... as The Spinster likes to say?

Makes our feathers blow right up!

We'll be back later next week with more.  In the meantime, it looks like Spinster is in her chair stitching and Mister is on the couch TeeVeeing.  As for us...we're heading out for Bourbons and Bingo at the Senior Center!

Happy Sunday!
Josephine and Eleanor
The Chicken Sisters


  1. You might enjoy this post from the Bitchy Stitcher: http://thebitchystitcher.blogspot.com/2012/06/2013-quilters-shirtless-man-and-spicy.html?m=1

    She raised some money to help with someone's medical bills by making a calendar with quilts and men holding burritos.

  2. So the Chicken Sisters are the new stars of blogging I think. Make sure you call an Uber after the bourbon and bingo girls.

  3. Rob Arpel (spelling?) of Man Sewing. Seems to know everything about sewing machines and quilting.

  4. Bourbon and Bingo? Could be dangerous! 😉

  5. How about Mark Lipinski? Cute, 50-something, avid cross-stitcher, famous quilter, with a wild weird and whacky sense of humor. He has also recently started dialysis, and lives with his husband in New Jersey. I also bet you two would be good support for each other, with lots of laughter and friend-hugs to help you both be strong. His facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/MarkLipinskisFanPage/ and his blog is https://marklipinskisblog.wordpress.com/

  6. Bourbon and bingo! Now there's a good time!

  7. well, if I can`t have a nude Tom Selleck, there are a lot of Flosstubers who are male...

  8. Here's a suggestion, Coni. You mentioned a planner type calendar. If you get LOTS of photos, you could do a weekly planner. A photo for every week! If you don't quite have 52, there could be some photos of fabulous stitched pieces or tips and tricks pages. Just a thought. 😄

  9. Well...YAAAAASSSSSS! I'm in! Now we just need a little interest and the fun can begin!

  10. Love Deborah’s idea!! Deborah, you should join bourbon and bingo night and do some planning with the chicks! :)