Jan 19, 2018


So here I am in the dialysis chair, all ready for my daily visit with you, when I realized that I forgot to take a picture of my stitchy progress last night.

And there was a lot of it!

Forest Snowfall is quickly drawing to a close, and then...brace yourselves...I'm going to fully finish it!  I am determined to not just stitch pieces and then throw them in the big underbed FUPPY box this year, but rather finish-finish as many as I can and then enjoy them.

But...here comes the happy dilemma.

Do I Pricillafly them, Danielleify them, or Vonnafy them!?!?

How darn lucky are we to have these girls in our community with their inspiration and generosity in teaching us how to do stuff?  

Oh, how I love them so...

The sun is shining and the weekend is upon us, Dearies.  Let's all do something fun and come tell each other all about it!


  1. I know all about the talented Vonna as she has taught me how to finish a piece using a styrofoam square and how to make a beautiful bag to hold my work in progress. However, I don't know Priscilla or Danielle, so if someone could point me to their blogs or Flosstubes, I would be exceedingly grateful. Hope you are having a good session, Coni.

    1. Danielle is "Stitcherista" on flosstube..her videos are quite fun. She does finishing where she mounts her stitching on top of fancy paper and a few layers of felt, and then puts that on a stretched canvas (like a painter would use).

      Priscilla and Chelsea are on flosstube under the name "The real housewives of cross stitch." They do some very elaborate finishes, with silk flowers and painted frames. The end result is gorgeous but I don't trust myself to manage anything quite on that level...I can *barely* pull off a Vonna finish!

    2. Violet, thank you so much! I will be sure to check them out.

  2. Danielle is Stitcherista on Flosstube.

  3. Just hope the dialysis went as well as you would hope and
    I applaud you for adding finishing to your skill arc. You
    are most gracious to those wonderful teacher...I'm certain they appreciate the plaudits.... Wishing you a
    grand weekend.

  4. Good for you, Coni! Hopefully your FFOing will go better than mine. Remember how I said I was going to FFO those 5 pieces? I got one done to my satisfaction (YEA!), and the other four were a disaster. After spending hours cutting everything and lacing them onto foam core with batting underneath the fabric, I realized I didn't calculate the sizes just right for the frames I had. My mistake was that I measured the "window" of the frame, and didn't allow for the lip on the back of the frame which need an extra 1/4-1/2" added. I couldn't face redoing them all so I ended up hauling the 4 pieces into hobby lobby and paying to have them done. However, I've learned a lot and am confident I can make it work next time. In the meantime I'll cry over my wallet but will enjoy my pro-framed stitching when they come back.

    I have another piece I finished two days ago, and I'm going to attempt my first "hoop finish" soon. I hope this one goes better or I might rip out my hair and have some sort of mental meltdown. Just be nice to yourself if this is your first go-round, cuz it seems those finishing skills don't come easy for some of us!

    Many hugs and warm thoughts coming your way as you get adjusted to dialysis. :)

  5. Hope your day in the chair was an uneventful one, Coni! Enjoy your weekend; may it be filled with what you love.

  6. I am truly untalented at Finish finishing. So, I have a great finisher, Heirlooms by Nicole, and a terrific framer, Frame Masters. I'm glad you are able to finish finish.

  7. We have a double edged sword here. I love these creative ladies with wonderful ideas and tutorials - but I hate making decisions!!! I applaud your goal to FFO as you go along this year.

  8. Good Day !!! 🌞😘😎🌸.are you using the called for threads on your forest picture. It is beautiful. Shelley

  9. No matter what you choose to do I know your piece will be as AMAZING as you are. Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet Daily, your name in my intentions.