Jan 12, 2018


Last night's progress on Forest Snowfall...I completed the top line of the verse while binge watching Flosstube videos:

After a marathon clean-out and re-org of the cube room studio/JB work headquarters, I finally looked around and thought "There.  Now it looks more like home."

I am going to get a desk from the house this weekend and put it across the wall under the Sam Toft print and this will become my new planning/bill paying/book writing cockpit (as opposed to the dining room table):

And the view to the left of Spinster Central HQ:

On Monday, JB will pick up all of the pieces from the exhibit and I'm going to bring them home and hang them.  Enough of this crazy business of not having any of my stitching on the walls.

Today is a Chair Day, so I need to scoot and get my bag packed.  In addition to my pillows and blankets, I need to pack my snack bag and activity bag.

Well, at least now I know what it's like to leave the house with a toddler in tow! (More like a herd of them, given the size if my bag!)

TGIF, Dearies!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Have a good session, Coni. It sounds like you have more energy!

  2. Looking so nice around CS2, Coni. And heartening to know you're getting some energy back!

  3. Happy chair day, oh well fortified one. Your pre-rearranging photos would probably look like most post-re's
    You have the system down pat. You are sounding perky and ready for whatever .... it is music to our ears.

  4. The studio in CS2 is looking good, Coni. You made good progress on your stitch piece. I hope today's session goes smoothly. I just finished the vacuuming so I am taking a break.

  5. Hope your day went smoothly Coni! CS2 is looking lovely, very cosy. Today was an annoying day for me, visits to doctors and people not knowing what the H E double hockey sticks is going on. Nurse says pain meds are at pharmacy, go there, and nope, not there. Vertigo was in full swing and I didn`t want to wait 2 hours to track down a doctor so gave up and came home. I am going to hibernate and stitch all weekend. Hope your weekend is lovely!! xo

  6. You realize, of course, that we're all saying, "what happened to Coni??" You are a completely changed woman, full of pep and vigor, and I for one hope that it stays that way and your health keeps improving. Hugs and prayers- p.

  7. I have a stitching question. I realize that you do much, much more intricate and advanced stitching than plain old counted cross stitch. However, I do plain old counted cross stitch. :-) When/if doing cross stitch on regular aida cloth---before stitching, do you ever grid your cloth with something like Easy Count Guideline or with something akin to red fishing line?

    If one of your accomplished readers wants to pipe in and answer this and give me advice about gridding, that would be great, too.

  8. Hope you had a smooth session today, Coni. CS2 looks spiffy!

  9. Coni: Nice progress, I hope your day is warmer then ours here in Minnesota.
    Reorganizing is a good thing it always makes me feel good, did my pantry last week, now if it stays that way we will see.


  10. Very nice progress. And I need to catch up on so many flosstube videos and maybe make on for myself again, it's been a while.

    Love, Babs

  11. Beautiful stitching!! And I love seeing pictures of your home. I could pack my stitchy things and move right in 😊