Dec 3, 2017


I am all over the place again.  If what I read in the paper is true, perhaps my out-of-sortsness is due to the Super Moon.  (At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

The Bargello Cardinal is coming along nicely, but it occurred to me that I shortened his tail because I am apparently incapable of reading a chart when it's spread over more than one page.

(That's OK.  We'll just call him Stumpy and move on.)
My fingers got a little sore from pulling through canvas, so last night I decided that I wanted to do a little cross stitch.  I futzed and futzed and futzed in the cube room sudio before finally settling on Winter Quakers.


Many of you asked that I be more specific about my little self-treat from yesterday...especially the haul that I got at the Michael's.  I went there before our EGA luncheon to assemble my gift exchange gift, but I just couldn't resist the "Mad About Plaid" section for my very self too!

The little train case is red "leather" and it is just so perfectly swell I almost can't stand it.  It was also cheap, cheap, cheap with the discounts and coupons and such.  The glasses and glass case are also plaid, as are the nail files and ToDo list.
What's not to love about that?

Rich and I went to campus and attended a Latin Mass in a dorm chapel.  I had never been before, so it was...interesting.  I think I still like the Folk Choir Mass in the Basilica, but I am, if nothing else, just happy to be there.

Breakfast at our favorite place, a quick stop for the paper (which they were out of), and now we're home with laundry sploshing and a lovely day of stitching, footballing, and maybe a little cooking later on.

(More bliss.)

So that's the Sunday report, Dearies!  The sun is shinng and the birds are tweetly sweetly.  I hope it is likewise in your very own neck of the woods!


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  2. The sun IS shining and I'm a happy camper because my 90+ dad got out of the hospital last night. I hope he will be around for a while more and he is in frail health. :) Merry Merry. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  3. Great. Now I have to get dressed and head out to the Michael's. I'm supposed to be sewing today, but because of you, I MUST go out looking for plaid. Thanks!!

  4. Enjoy the treats to yourself! The laundry is sploshing here and I am reading a few blogs before heading off to write out a few more Christmas cards. Enjoy your Sunday!

    PS Winter Quaker looks super as does Stumpy the cardinal!

  5. Love the stuff from Michaels! I laughed so hard when when you named the cardinal Stumpy! Love the Winter Quaker too.

  6. Ohhhhhh goodness, Winter Quakers has been on my wish list for ages. I adore it, but find the size rather intimidating.

    I adore canvas work too but have to give it up as it hurts my hands too much.The last canvas piece I'm stitching is Zecca's Bird on a Nest...which is something I purchased after seeing YOU do it on your blog. I've gotten massively hung up on the background and having to compensate around the flowers, but I try to put a few threads in a week. At that rate it should be finished by 2025. Or 2035.

  7. I was raised on latin Masses. Went to catholic school all my life and to mass every day before the start of school. Now you can barely find a church that say the Mass in latin. I think they have to have special permission.

  8. My physical therapist recommended finger cots (any drug store carries them) to help pull needles. It really helps!!

  9. Haha! "We'll just call him Stumpy and move on" That is why we love you so :)