Dec 31, 2017


I'm fine, but Buzzy has been a screaming mimi and had to be put in time out with a big fat Valium.  We arrived at the dialysis center at 7:15 his morning and he was either grumpy from the cold and being woken up at the crack of dawn, or he's still sore and puffy from surgery.

Either way it made for a stupidly dramatic morning again.

Damn Buzzy.

I swear, all this fuss is Stewey Little coming back to haunt me for being such a bad Mo-ther.  Given the similarities in personalities between the two, I won't be at all surprised if we get home and Buzzy decides to pee on the ottoman.

A new stitchy start last night!  I decided to play along with all of you stitching Forest Snowfall by Little House Needleworks.  I think I'm supposed to hashtag or something, but this is me we're talking about, Kids, and I haven't a clue.

Not much progress, but progress nonetheless:

So that's the report for now.  I'll leave you with a little glimpse of my view today.  Only three more hours to go!


  1. Best wishes to you, JB, Buzzy, and your cozy socks for the best New Year's Eve! Last year, you wished us all "good health, abundant prosperity, and abiding joy, and that love will still find a way to make everything better." Let me return that wish to you for 2018.

    Susan Anonymouse

    P.S. and I'm the first comment?!

  2. Coni Dear
    You got this!
    Blessings for a healthy, happy & prosperous 2018!

  3. I am with you in spirit! Wishing you the very best New Year!

  4. I'm sorry that you're having so many problems with your health. I hope this will be the year it all gets sorted out for you. I have also decided to do the Forest Snowfall SAL even though I have already made it once before. I gave that one away to my sister, but after seeing all the prettiness on Instagram I want to make one for me. Do you have an Instagram page? I am @libertystitches if you do. I haven't updated it in a long while, but I do have quite a few of the stitchies I've done over the years on there. I hope the dialysis time passes quickly and uneventfully, and I'm praying for you to receive a living donor kidney in the near future. Happy New Year!

  5. May 2018 bless you with thriving health, peace and contentment, the joy of living and love to fill your heart to the fullest.

  6. It must be breezy by that door! I'm sorry Buzzy is giving you a hard time. Here's to a better, improved 2018!!!

  7. Sending lots of ‘settle down already!’ thoughts Buzzy’s way.

  8. Sending prayers and lots of stitchy thoughts! Luv

  9. Happy New Year, Coni, hoping that the year ahead is much improved or at least a little kinder to you...though that Jersey Boy sounds pretty awesome.
    Hugs <3

  10. Dear Coni I have read all of your post and struggle with you daily. I have a story. It was 1997 and my son who was 22 at the time went to the dr for generally not feeling well. He was called the next morning with directions to go immediately to the hospital. By 10 that night he had been given 2 units of blood and an emergency dialysis treatment. He was on dialysis for 5 years because he was afraid of transplant. After a bumpy start like you he settled in and did really well on dialysis. Finally he was ready for the list, the wait, and finally the amazing phone call. He is still doing really well but we are looking towards another transplant in the next few years. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you and things will settle down. It’s a lot at first. Blessing for a good 2018. I don’t know “Jersey Boy” but I love him.

  11. Coni: So sorry this is happening to you, but who is buzzy? just curious, I am not able to read all your posts but love seeing what you are into.
    Get well my Friend.

    Happy new Year

  12. Praying for lots of improvement in 2018!! Hang in there. I love to watch Floss Tube on my laptop - all the beautiful stitching and fun helps to brighten my day. You might try it; lots of fun people doing the videos.

  13. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I dont know what "buzzy" is either, maybe I missed something. Hang in there!

    Nancy Stell

  14. Coni, this stinks! Methinks Buzzy needs a good talking to!!

    Try and keep the faith dearheart...I am certain things will get better for you. Just keep persevering!!

    xo Mj

  15. Hang in there. It will get easier......

  16. If you receive even half as much joy this year as you bring to others it will be an extremely Happy New Year. And that is my wish for you

  17. Oh how I giggled at the peeing on the ottoman line!